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Renulife Violet Ray (1919 Manual)
Renulife Electric Company 1919

High Frequency Violet Ray Simply Explained

High Frequency electric current has an entirely different effect on the human body than the crude, shocking results produced by ordinary current. There is no shock, pain nor muscular contraction from High Frequency application. This is due to the change which has been made in the current by conducting it through a series of special coils and other units which make up the Violet Ray Generator. The same current that is brought into the house for lighting and to furnish power is completely modified. Its volume or amperage is reduced to a low measure, while the pressure or voltage is tremendously increased and the oscillation raised exceedingly high. The result is that when this current is applied to the human body our nerves are insensible to the electric waves because of their enormous rapidity of movement. The High Frequency current is pleasant and painless, yet penetrative and effective.

High Frequency is applied by a vacuum glass attachment called the electrode in which the High Frequency current shows in a violet colored glow. From this is given the common name of Violet Ray?.

Electricity and Life

From the Electrical Experimenter?, May, 1917.
The Construction of High Frequency Apparatus for Medical and Lecture Use.

By Frederick Finch Strong, M. D.
Lecturer on Electro-Therapeutics.
Tufts Medical School, Boston.

In the March number of the Electrical Experimenter? the author pointed out that high frequency currents, when properly tuned, acted as "Vital Boosters," increasing all the functions of the body and helping it to resist and throw off disease. This vitalizing effect is not due to the mere liberation of heat in the tissues, for it is produced by the very high voltage ("Tesla") currents as well as by the heavy amperage ("D'Arsonval") currents from which the thermic effects are usually obtained.

When the writer demonstrated the first therapeutic Tesla Coil and the first Vacuum Electrode? – (in 1896 before a Boston Medical Society?) – and suggested that the method was destined to come into general use as a vitalizing agent, he was laughed at by his colleagues; yet today there is scarcely a well-equipped physician's office in this country or in Europe that does not contain some form of therapeutic high frequency apparatus. Even the barber shops of the present time have their small "Violet Ray?" outfits; and they are not by any means "fakes" for they produce real results, such as the relief of headache, neuralgia, skin diseases, et cetera.

Unlike many other forms of electricity, these currents may be administered to patients with perfect safety. In twenty years' experience in Electro-Therapeutics the author has never known of harmful results from the use of Tesla currents applied through a vacuum electrode?. The writer is a firm believer in the use of the Tesla currents in the home – if each member of the family could receive ten-minute daily treatments from a small high frequency apparatus, the general standard of health would be greatly increased. This has been demonstrated in hundreds of cases.

The author has interviewed a number of more prominent authorities on medical electricity and they agree as to the vitalizing effects resulting from the daily high frequency treatments.

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