Vibratory Induction

"The permanence of form and matter is permitted only by the balanced activity of the three fundamental modes of vibration at the neutral center thereby suspending their activity. The continuity of existence of all molecules - and therefore of all masses - depends on the molecular neutral center where the fundamental component vibrations are temporarily held in balance. Should we break up the equation of these three modes of vibration, we will evolve latent power? into kinetic energy. By influencing this neutral center, certain orders of vibration can break up the balanced equation, divide the components of the molecules and thereby divide the components of the mass into the primordial ether, from which the molecules were originally constructed.

"There are certain modes or properties of vibration which can direct the component vibrations of any mass to the neutral center of that mass "neutral attraction," "neutral affinity," "negative attraction," "polar negative attraction," are terms expressing the effect or resultant of certain combinations of these modes or properties of vibratory induction. [see Resonant Induction]

"Through study of the dominant Keely sought to control the power he evolved, by altering the dominant mode of vibration in the triplicate flows of force. One of his friends said "The vibrations used by Keely, which rupture the molecular and atomic capsules of matter, must remain THOUGH IN ONE POINT ONLY, a secret with the discoverer until he has completed his system and successfully demonstrated and patented one invention." Therein is where Keely failed. He was not able to prevent reversions - his machine would not remain in continuous motion." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

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