The Physics of Love - Volume 2 Introduction

The The Physics of Love - Volume 2 is a follow-up on The Physics of Love, Volume I.

The The Physics of Love - Volume 2 will become a printed hardcopy book and an ebook but will be first constructed within the SVPwiki as all pertinent and supporting data is easily accessible here. This work also doubles as SVP Cosmology 3.0.

During the past twenty years I have made many attempts to write this book. All previous efforts failed as it was not possible to write in such a way that one idea leads to another in orderly sequence. The human ego mind learns and thinks linearly from one concept to another building up a comprehensive picture and understanding. SVP does not lend itself to this structure. SVP is a holistic concept where all ideas and concepts lean together simultaneously to create the Big Picture. So where to start and how to proceed? We know from experience the student needs a broad background knowledge on sound and vibration basics. Without this ground state awareness little more can be gained unless intuitively. So we're led from the practical sound and vibration physics to intuitive insight bridging and blending the two left and right brain approaches into one whole gestalt.

The Purpose of this Work
It seems everyone wants to know 1) what Keely did and 2) how did he do it. The SVPwiki has wiki'ed just about everything we have on Keely so it addresses the first point of interest.

What Keely Did

How did he do it?
This compilation (The Physics of Love - Volume 2) is intended to address the second point of interest. In order to present an intelligible view of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics [SVP] that will lead the reader into practical application we must first develop a working knowledge of Keely's jargon which includes overviews of the concepts represented by this jargon. In many cases the definition or meaning of a term or phrase is but a sketch of the concept behind it. This work intends to develop this expose step by step, building in the mind of the reader a foundation, then a scaffolding and structure of a more complete and useful nature. This construction will take time to build and much more time to read and assimilate.

Plan of this Work
This work will begin with some introductory insights into SVP concepts in Chapter I - Groundwork. These are the foundational concepts and are deemed most important for a general read of the remainder of the material. These introductory concepts are not comprehensive as they are too voluminous for a hardcopy book. For a deeper comprehension of the terms, phrases and concepts in this work please refer to the SVPwiki where just about everything has been identified, linked and referenced. To stay current with this and related work please subscribe to the SVPwiki.

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