Seth Pancoast

Seth Pancoast, physician, born in Darby, Pennsylvania, 28 July, 1823. He is a descendant of one of three Pancoast brothers who came to this country with William Penn?. He received a classical education, engaged in business in 1843, and afterward studied medicine, being graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1852. He became professor of anatomy? in Philadelphia female college in 1853, and the following year was called to a chair in Pennsylvania medical college. When, five years later, his private practice compelled his resignation, he was made emeritus professor, and so remained until the close of the college in 1862. In 1877 he wrote "The Kabbala," the first book on the subject in the English language, in which are explained the ten "sephiroths," which are the basis of the Kabbala. In 1875 Dr. Pancoast calculated the return of the seventh cycle of Trithemius in 1878, announcing that if the calculation were correct there would be a revival in theosophy and other occult studies, which has since occurred. His work was merely a prelude to a much larger one, which is now (in 1888) approaching completion. The formulation of the latter has required twenty years' search and selection through ancient works in European libraries. Dr. Pancoast has the finest private collection of works on the occult sciences in the United States. His other books include "Consumption" (Philadelphia, 1855); " Ladies' Medical Guide" (18,58) ; "Boyhood's Perils" (1860) ; and "Bright's Disease" (1882). (Appletons Encyclopedia)

Author of
Red and Blue Light
The Kabbala
The True Science of Light

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