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Patrick Gage Bailey was born in the North, and raised in the South – Southern California that is. He attended the University of California at Berkeley?, and graduated in Engineering Physics?, Phi Beta Kappa? and Tau Beta Pi?. He was also in Air Force ROTC?, and was a 4 year member of the varsity gymnastics team, majoring in trampoline. As a result, he is the “Pat” in the book by Danny Millman?: “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior?.” He then traveled to MIT? and earned a MS and later a PhD in Nuclear Engineering?, all while playing rugby for MIT?, where they won the NE Tournament in 1969. Over the years, he was nicknamed “Shotgun” for his ability to smoothly coast along, and then blast the hell out of anything that got in his way, on offence or defense.

His working career has included 3 years as a Nuclear Research Officer in the USAF?, a staff member at Los Alamos National laboratory?, a project and program manager at the Electrical Power Research Institute?, and a manager and engineer at the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company?, where he recently retired as a Senior Electrical Systems Engineer. He has written and published over 130 papers in these technical fields (a list of his publications is linked below).

He was the over-all Technical Program Chair for the 1986 and the 1991 Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conferences? (IECEC), held in San Francisco and later in Boston, and has for most years been an author, a session chair, and/or a topical chair for that conference. He dedicated the 1986 IECEC with a huge banner in the main plenary conference room that read: “Dedicated to Nikola Tesla.” At the 1991 IECEC, he allowed several inventors to present their ideas in two special sessions, some of which were quite ridiculous, yet interesting. As a result of seeing no new breakthroughs in applied physics and engineering? during this time, since around 1990, he assisted Toby Grotz in forming the Institute for New Energy? (INE) in 1991, and has been the President of the INE since 1993. The INE has held several interesting conferences in Colorado and Utah over the years, and is still very active. The INE website was frozen after the passage of the Patriot Act II? (prohibiting the open or public publishing of any new and advanced physics), and still can be found at (external link) He also was the editor and co-publisher, with Hal Fox?, of the New Energy News, which was a very popular international newsletter and later an email newsletter that had a large international mailing list.

Dr. Bailey is interested in why things work the way they do, and why things are not working as we think they should. His internet domain name is PADRAK – Personal Assistance and Development Through Research and Acquired Knowledge, at (external link) He is well known for his strong view of being able and willing to argue any side of any argument – otherwise, he says, you are just emotionally involved. His reasoning is that: “Since G*d has given Earth Humans the atomic bomb? a generation ago, then we should be ready to receive free energy devices, if we are mature enough to handle them.” The “IF” seems to be the problem that we face today. Instead, it appears that the Earth is still being consumed by vicious tribal warfare, just to steal money and land from the other tribes.

Dr. Bailey’s other areas of interest include the Truths about: 9-11?, Three Mile Island?, Chernobyl?, Fukushima?, UFO?s, Flying Saucers, ETs, and applied religion. He has been a long-time volunteer at the International UFO Congress?, annual UFO conferences, and at every annual Conspiracy Conference? []. Again, look at both sides of any issue! He also joined the Masons? in 1993, and is a Past Master of a Lodge, a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason?, a Knight Mason?, and a Knight Templar?. He has been awarded the Knight York Cross of Honor?, the Knight Templar Meritorious Service? award, and also the Knight Templar Cross of Honor?. He does not belong to any social network groups, as he thinks that he and you have more important things to accomplish. He also very sincerely thanks Dale Pond for all of his past and continuing hard work, and for his tireless posting the papers of many advance energy conversion researchers on his website SVPWiki. What would you like to do and how can you contribute? Find out! Be, Do, Have!

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