Also referred to as Generator, Liberator, Compound Disintegrator or Multiplicator for progressively dissociating water into its constituent parts thus multiplying its inherent or latent expansive power or force (pressure) held in abeyance by syntropic forces. Actually, it progressively liberates or releases the latent forces.

"As a suggestion to those interested in psychological researches I will mention that Keely has copied nature in all his instruments from the Vibrophone, which is fashioned after the human ear, up to the Disintegrator, in which the neutral center represents the human heart." [Keely and His Discoveries]

Compound Disintegrator

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Keely's Compound Disintegrator

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It is believed this device functioned - in part - as a multi-frequency analog signal generator. This device currently resides in the American Precision Museum (external link) in Windsor, Vermont.

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Compound Disintegrator
Figure 7.12 - Keelys Compound Disintegrator
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