The breaking down or splitting into discrete quantities from an harmonic state or condition such as white or invisible light refracting it into its constituent or aliquot parts or as splitting out discrete music scale notes from its fundamental or keynote tone.

Differentiation is not unlike refraction wherein a WHOLE is divided into its constituent parts; i.e., a rainbow, for instance, divided into its three main components - viz. - HEAT (infrared / red), LIGHT (yellow / white) and CHEMICAL? (blue / ultraviolet) rays. (This is one of the great base ideas Keely discovered in Hughes' Harmonies of Tones and Colours - Developed by Evolution (external link) - the triple nature of a whole.)

Rainbow is Differentiated White Light

Differentiated White (invisible) Light into visible Light

"No such thing as discord exists in the molecule. Discordance results from chords producing differentiation and may be equated by the proper chord of harmony. Every gaseous molecule is a resonator to any and all vibrations, whether concordant or discordant. That which we term discord exists in sound itself, not in matter." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

"Differentiation, by compound negative vibration of their neutral centres, causes antagonism, and thus the great attractive power that aggregates them becomes one of dispersion or expansion, accompanied by immense velocity of rotation, which carries its influence through the whole volume of air, 230 cubic inches contained in sphere, within its 33 1/3 chord of its circle of coincidence. By this wire of platinum and silver the current of force is now passed to run the vibratory disk?, thus altogether upsetting the "compressed air" theory of Professor Barkes, Dr. Hall, and others of less note." Keely, Keely and His Discoveries

"The breaking up of a cyclone will open a field for future research, if any way can be discovered for obtaining the chord of mass of the cyclone. To differentiate the chord of its thirds would destroy it;" Chapter 9 of Keely and His Discoveries

"Like poles do not repel each other, simply because there is a perfect sympathetic equation between them; the same in unlike poles. If a differentiation of 33 1/3 against 100 is established between them, whether like or unlike, they become attractive to each other. They become repellent after differentiating them, 66 2/3 of the one against 100 of the other, by sympathetic vibration." Keely and His Discoveries

"The normal brain is like a harp of many strings strung to perfect harmony. The transmitting conditions being perfect, are ready, at any impulse, to induce pure sympathetic assimilation?. The different strings represent the different ventricles and convolutions. The differentiations of any one from its true setting is fatal, to a certain degree, to the harmony of the whole combination. If the sympathetic condition of any physical organism carries a positive flow of 80 per cent on its whole combination, and a negative one of 20 per cent, it is the medium of perfect assimilation to one of the same ratio, if it is distributed under the same conditions to the mass of the other. If two masses of metal, of any shape whatever, are brought under perfect assimilation, to one another, their unition, when brought into contact, will be instant.

"If we live in a sympathetic field we become sympathetic, and a tendency from the abnormal to the normal presents itself by an evolution of a purely sympathetic flow towards its attractive centers. It is only under these conditions that differentiation can be broken up, and a pure equation established. The only condition under which equation can never be established is when a differential disaster has taken place, of 66 2/3 against the 100 pure, taking the full volume as one. If this 66 2/3 or even 100 exists in one organ alone, and the surrounding ones are normal, then a condition can be easily brought about to establish the concordant harmony or equation to that organ. It is as rare to find a negative condition of 66 2/3 against the volume of the whole mass, as it is to find a coincident between differentiation; or, more plainly, between two individuals under a state of negative influence. Under this new system, it is as possible to induce negations alike as it is to induce positives alike. Pure sympathetic concordants are as antagonistic to negative discordants as the negative is to the positive; but the vast volume the sympathetic holds over the non-sympathetic, in ethereal space, makes it at once the ruling medium and readjuster of all opposing conditions if properly brought to bear upon them." Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 7

The Fundamental "C" develops through overtone and undertone progressions into all the other musical notes in a scale.

This same phenomenon occurs in all octaves of Creation - As Above So Below.

Undifferentiated Mind is the Centering Fundamental which Differentiates into Spilt Thinking.

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