vibratory disintegrator

"The disintegration of rock is, however, a very small and accidental effect of that tremendous force that lies behind the "secret." Indeed, that particular application of the force was a chance discovery. One day the inventor was studying the action of currents of ether playing over a floor upon which he had scattered fine sand, — the ether was rolling the sand into ropes, — when a block of granite?, which was used for fastening back a door, disintegrated under his eyes. He took the hint, and in a few days he had made a "vibratory disintegrator"." Keelys Secrets - Introduction

"Looking upon the discoverer of etheric force as the Newton, whose coming was forecast by MacVicar, it is satisfactory to see that Keely, in his field of research, eventually adopted the methods which his forerunner advocated nearly forty years ago; but not until after many years of blind grappling with the mechanical difficulties which he encountered, in his efforts to control the unknown Genii, which he himself declares that he stumbled upon in quite another field of research. Keely was experimenting in 1875 on what he called a hydro-pneumatic-pulsating-vacuo engine, when, "accidentally," the first evolution of disintegration was made. The focalization of this quadruple force, acting on one general centre of concentration produced partial molecular subdivision, resulting in a pressure of some three thousand pounds per square inch. Mr. Keely was himself amazed at this evidence of the energy which he had evoked, and at once turned his attention to researching its nature, with the result that he came to the conclusion that he had partially resolved the gaseous element of water by crude molecular dissociation. This was his first step, and the necessary introductory one, towards the elimination of ether; but at that time, to use his own words, he had not the remotest idea of the etheric element proper. Since then he has constructed innumerable machines to subdivide or dissociate the molecular; but it was not until he had instituted certain acoustic vibratory conditions that he began to realize the magnitude of the element that he is now controlling with his vibratory disintegrator. Yet, even this instrument was only the stepping-stone towards polar sympathetic negative attraction." The Keely Motor Bubble

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