universal constant of energy

"The constant of energy represented by a lever is not increased by changing the fulcrum of that lever. If the fulcrum is changed so as to increase the power the speed is decreased in the opposite universal ratio." The Universal One (external link)

"The Universal One divides His time by the periodicities of His inhalations and exhalations, which together make one universal constant of energy, and subdivides it into four exactly equal unit constants of energy?. These periodicities, and tonal and mid-tonal subdivisions, measure the dimensions of His idea in the illusion of form, Space, time, sex, temperature and other periodicities.

Energy accumulates during genero-active inhalation by rising potential, and is dissipated during the radio-active exhalation by lowering potential. The periodicities of inhalation and exhalation in all mass are absolute." Russell, The Universal One

"It is the beginning of integration and disintegration of light energy into the appearance and disappearance of that which man calls "mass." It is the beginning of the electro-magnetic opposition of the two forces which accumulate and dissipate the universal constant of energy into the periodicities of gravitation, attraction, cohesion, radiation and repulsion of evolving and devolving mass." Russell, The Universal One (external link), Book 01 - Chapter 18 - Omnipotence

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