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Russell - Thinking vs Knowing

"An active (polar) principle within Mind originating in the intellect, ego and sense. Thinking is of the lower levels of mental activities having to do with perceived effects and not cause. Sometimes referred to as "Split Mind" thinking as opposed to "Whole Mind" knowing as of the heart. Thinking is of the natural man (sense) and not science or Wisdom. Dale Pond see Knowing

"Critical Thinking is the ability or function to discern aliquot parts or cause from seeming effect." Dale Pond

"Thinking is a process, an orderly, evolutionary, periodic process of absolute limitations." Russell, The Universal One (external link), Book 1, Chapter 2 - The Life Principle

"The force called "thinking" which impels Mind into concentration and decentration in sequence is the only energy of the universe." Russell, The Universal One (external link), Book 1, Chapter 4

"Suffice it here to say that thinking is the electro-generative action and magneto-radiative reaction of Mind.

"Thinking is a simple process of very complex effects, the sequence of which will be written in its proper place.

"The electro-magnetic opposition of Mind as expressed in the process of thinking is the source of all of the energy of the universe.

"Thinking, then, is a process of generation of motion-in-variable-opposition out of a state of maximum motion-in-non-variable-inertia, and of radiation back again into that state." Russell, The Universal One (external link), Book 1, Chapter 5

"...Those who find it necessary for the explanation of thinking as such to invoke something else, such as physical brain processes or unconscious spiritual processes lying behind the conscious thinking which they observe, fail to recognize what an unprejudiced observation of thinking yields. When we observe our thinking, we live during this observation directly within a self-supporting, spiritual web of being. Indeed, we can even say that if we would grasp the essential nature of spirit in the form in which it presents itself most immediately to man, we need only look at the self-sustaining activity of thinking...

"...For this organization contributes nothing to the essential nature of thinking, but recedes whenever the activity of thinking makes its appearance; it suspends its own activity, it yields ground; and on the ground thus left empty, the thinking appears. The essence which is active in thinking has a twofold function: first, it represses the activity of the human organization; secondly, it steps into its place..

"...An important question, however, emerges here. If the human organization has no part in the essential nature of thinking, what is the significance of this organization within the whole nature of man? Now, what happens in this organization through the thinking has indeed nothing to do with the essence of thinking, but it has a great deal to do with the arising of the ego - consciousness out of this thinking. Thinking, in its own essential nature, certainly contains the real I or ego, but it does not contain the ego - consciousness. To see this we have but to observe thinking with an open mind. The "I" is to be found within the thinking; the "ego - consciousness" arises through the traces which the activity of thinking engraves upon our general consciousness, in the sense explained above. (The ego - consciousness thus arises through the bodily organization. However, this must not be taken to imply that the ego - consciousness, once it has arisen, remains dependent on the bodily organization. Once arisen, it is taken up into thinking and shares henceforth in thinking's spiritual being..." Rudolf Steiner; "Philosophy of Spiritual Activity"

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