"Compression creates heat. Rarefaction creates cold." (Tyndall, John; Sound; Longmans, Green, and Co., London, 1893. pg 57) See 4plusplus, Cycle of Temperature

"Temperature is a dimension of relative and opposing pressures as expressed in its opposites, heat and cold.
"The popular concept that temperature measures only the degree of heat is not in conformity with the laws of motion.
"Heat is improperly presumed to be an effect of motion which is operative in both directions.
"In other words, that which we call cold is assumed to be less heat.
"This idea must be eliminated from man's thinking. Heat and cold are as much the opposites of temperature dimension as positive and negative electricity, contraction pressure and expansion pressure are opposites of other dimensions." Russell, The Universal One (external link)

Temperature Conversion
temperature converter (external link)

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