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Also known as anti-entropy, Ordering, Centropy, Negentropy, Centripetal, Father Forces, Implosion, Gravitation, Sympathy

Mutually and reciprocally attractive, Love. Attracting to common center, ordering. Mutual attraction to void. Russell's Father Force and Keely's Negative Attraction. Also Life Force, affinity, harmony.

Gluon is smallest unit of syntropy or attractive force. See Strong Force

NOTE: (In Keely's jargon positive and negative are directly opposite to Russell's use of those same terms. To Keely positive = entropy and negative = syntropy. With Russell positive = syntropy and negative = entropy. Hence we would like to NOT USE either of the terms "positive" and "negative", instead use the terms "syntropy" (to center) and "entropy" (from center) to eliminate or at least reduce confusion.) The same holds true for the terms "male" and "female". See Figure 2.12.1 - Polarity or Duality for correspondences to these terms.

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