sympathetic negative polar stream

"Gravity is not subject to time or space. It pervades the Universe? without reference to time or space, instantaneously and without intermission. It is, however, a sympathetic flow, proceeding from the molecular or mass neutral centers to the earth's neutral center with a power corresponding to the character of each individual molecular mass." He [Keely] believed gravity dependent on the medium of the polar stream, for he says "If the sympathetic negative polar stream were cut off from the earth the molecular neutral centers would float away into space like a swarm of bees." [GRAVITY - Snell, POLAR CURRENT]

"Without the sustaining vitality of the polar current all organisms would cease to exist and if the "sympathetic negative polar stream" should be cut off from the earth, the neutral centers of all its molecules would float away into space like a swarm of bees." [Does this imply the sympathetic negative polar stream induces or causes gravity? Is it therefore gravism?]

"The attractive power of the molecule lies in the magnetic element in other words, the form of crystal aggregations lies in the polar attractions of the respective molecules." He states that molecular cohesion operates by reason of the same cause. [see WHAT IS COHESION, Law of Cohesion, COHESION - Snell, Bonding, Ionization]

"The negative sympathetic portion of the polar stream the neutrally attractive portion is the magnetic flow proper, and coincides sympathetically with the "second atomic flow." [POLAR CURRENT]

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