▸ adjective: concerned chiefly or only with self; i.e., ego. OneLook Dictionary (external link)

"Know that if the expression of others is only of the self, or for the gratifying of the individual vanity, or the individual ego, they as individuals are NOT to be trusted (and a very large not!) - in material things." Cayce (1823-1)

"For, while selflessness is the law, to belittle self is a form of selfishness and not selfless." Cayce (2803-2)

"And, most of all, be unselfish! For selfishness is sin, before first thine self, then thine neighbor and thy God." Cayce (254-87)

"Unless those activities among men are the aid for the greater number, rather than for the class or the few, they must eventually fail." Cayce (826-2)

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