A crest is the point on a wave with the maximum value or upward displacement within a cycle. A trough? is the opposite of a crest, so the minimum or lowest point in a cycle. When the crests and troughs of two sine waves of equal amplitude and frequency intersect or collide, while being in phase with each other, the result is called constructive interference and the magnitudes double (above and below the line). When in antiphase? – 180° out of phase – the result is destructive interference: the resulting wave is the undisturbed line having zero amplitude. Wikipedia, Crest (external link)

Step 1 - Wave/Vortex Crests at 4++ Polarization

Figure 7.1 - Step 1 - Wave/Vortex Crests at 4++ Polarization
(courtesy of University of Science and Philosophy (external link))
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