nodal vibratory transmitter

See nodal transmitter, Thought Force

"As far as my [Keely] researches have gone, I find that there is but one condition approaching reliability, and that is in computing the intermittent periodic disturbances along a nodal vibratory transmitter the nodes of gold, silver and platina a fixed number placed at such different distances along its line, as to take up and equalize (by a certain order of vibratory transmissions) the chord masses of the nodal interferences between the triple metals of which the nodes are composed, and also the acoustic introductory impulse of whatever chord is set. This will determine the rate of their accelerated molecular oscillation, so induced beyond their normal standard, and give us some definite figures in the computing of vibration, thousands of billions of times more than those of light. [Keely, Snell Manuscript - the book, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell]

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