negative attraction

"Success was guaranteed when Keely changed his field of experiment from positive attraction to negative attraction.

"Negative Attraction is the enharmonic third." [Keely and His Discoveries pg 364]

"Ignorant, indeed, of the nature of Keely's work must those men be who accuse him of "abandoning his base" or "principle," each time that he discovers his mistakes: using them as stepping-stones to approach nearer and still nearer to his goal. Reproaching him, even, for keeping his own counsel, until certainly of success rendered it prudent for him to make known that he had changed his field of experiment from positive attraction to negative attraction." [The Key to the Problems. - Keelys Secrets]

"The terms "neutral attraction", "neutral affinity", "negative attraction", or "polar negative attraction", are employed to express the property of a mode of vibration to direct its components towards such center. [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

"Again: Take away the sympathetic latent force that all matter is impregnated with, the connective link between the finite and the infinite would be dissociated, and gravity would be neutralized, thereby bringing all visible and invisible aggregations back into the great Etheric realm.

Here let me ask, what does the term cohesion mean? What is the power that holds molecules together, but electro-magnetic negative attraction? What is the state that is brought about by certain conditions of sympathetic vibration, causing molecules to repel each other, but electro-magnetic radiation?

"It must not be understood that the character of the action of the latent force liberated from liquids and gases is the same, in its evolution, as that of the latent force existing in metals. The former shows up an elastic energy; which emanates from the breaking up of their rotating envelopes; increasing, at the same time, the range of their corpuscular action: thus giving, under confinement elastic forces of an almost infinite character. By liberation from the tube it is confined in, it seeks its medium of concordant tenuity with a velocity greater than that of light." [Keely, Latent Force and Theory of Vibratory Lift for Airships]

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The Key to the Problems. - Keelys Secrets

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