Luminiferous Ether

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While some discount ether straight out of hand they make a mistake in doing so. Ether is an ancient term from days before quantum science and was usually well considered when atoms were thought to be simples or indivisible. Now we know better. There really are quanta of energies smaller than atoms which are constituent parts of those atoms. There are scores of different quanta out there. These may be divided into two distinct classes: those that take part in the formation of matter (syntropy) and those that are the evidence of the disintegration of matter (entropy). The former are the creative particles or substance referred to herein. These quanta are creative and assimilate into larger quanta eventually becoming Hydrogen then successively all the other elements. Walter Russell describes twenty-five of the pre-Hydrogen quanta? at the beginning his ten octave series of the elements. It may be assumed an electron is an electron whether it is partaking in the formation of a larger element or participating in its destruction. This is an error. Assimilation is not the same as dissociation. The energy constructs and necessities are opposite to one another. There are syntropic (negentropic) states of matter and energy and there are entropic states of matter and energy. Orthodox only recognizes entropic states and this denial of fully one-half of nature is science and philosophy's crippling handicap.

"Luminiferous ether," Keely writes, "or celestial mind force, a compound interetheric element, is the substance of which everything visible is composed. It is the great sympathetic protoplastic element; life itself. Consequently, our physical organisms are composed of this element. This focalizing, or controlling media, of the physical, has its seat in the cerebral convolutions; from which sympathetic radiation emanates. This sympathetic outreach is mind flow proper, or will force; sympathetic polarization to produce action; sympathetic depolarization to neutralize it. Polar and depolar differentiation, resulting in motion. The true protoplastic element sympathetically permeates all forms and conditions of matter; having, for its attendants, gravity, Electricity, and magnetism; the triple conditions born in itself. In fact, it is the soul of matter; the element from which all forms of motion receive their introductory impulse." [Keely and His Discoveries]

"The luminous etheric, protoplastic element, which is the highest tenuous condition of the ether, fills the regions of infinite space, and in its radiating outreach gives birth to the prime neutral centers that carry the planetary worlds through their ranges of motion." [Keely and His Discoveries]

The Fourth Order of Sympathetic Condensation?. "Why is this condition of ether always under a state of luminosity of an especial order? Its characteristics are such, from its infinite tenuity and the sympathetic activity with which it is impregnated, that it possesses an order of vibratory, oscillatory velocity, which causes it to evolve its own luminosity. This celestial, latent power, that induces luminosity in this medium, is the same that registers in all aggregated forms of matter, visible and invisible. It is held in corpuscular embrace until liberated by a compound vibratory negative medium." [Keely and His Discoveries]

"What does this activity represent, by which luminosity is induced in the high etheric realm? Does not the force following permeation by the Divine Will show that even this order of ether, this luminiferous region, is bounded by a greater region still beyond? - that is but the shore which borders the realm, from which the radiating forces of the Infinite emanate; the luminiferous being the intermediate which transfers the will force of the Almighty towards the neutral centers of all created things, animate and inanimate, visible and invisible; even down into the very depths of all molecular masses. The activity of the corpuscles, in all aggregations, represents the outflow of this celestial force, from the luminiferous track, towards all these molecular centers of neutrality, and reveals to us the connecting link between mind and matter." [Pg 270 of Keely and His Discoveries]

"The only indivisible "element" is the luminous, the one from which all compound elements are formed, or aggregated; hydrogen being one of these compound substances. If hydrogen were a simple it would assimilate with the high luminous. No molecular structure known to man can hold even the low order of the luminous as chemically liberated. Sympathetic physics classifies hydrogen as a compound triple element, with a metallic base. It comes under the order of the second atomic, both in vibration and in sympathetic outreach." [Hydrogen]

"These conditions of luminosity have no thermal forces associated with them; although, paradoxically, all thermal conditions emanate from that source. The tenuity of this element accounts for it. It is only when these sympathetic streams come in conflict with the cruder elementary conditions, either the molecular or atomic, that heat is evolved from its latent state, and a different order of light from the etheric luminous is originated, which has all the high conditions of thermal force associated with it; the sun being the intermediate transmitter. Thus is shown the wonderful velocity of these sympathetic streams emanating from the celestial space." [Pg 271 of Keely and His Discoveries]

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