Latent Energy

Latent Energy
Latent Energy
Latent Energy

Latent Energy is expansive or dispersive (entropic) energy held within the various subdivisions of matter. When released or liberated expands as a radiant energy such as magnetism. See Latent Force which is a contractive ordering (syntropic) force.

"Bring a steel rod in contact with a magnet and the latent energy in the rod is brought into action without its becoming impregnated by its magnetic exciter. Energy is an infinite latent force. If it did not exist it could not be generated. Consequently, there would be no energy to lose nor to conserve. The volume of latent energy in the etheric domain never increases nor ever grows less. It will remain the same, as yesterday, today, and forever." [Keely, ENERGY - Snell]

"The power and velocity of the sympathetic streams as they focalize towards the neutral center and the propagation from the neutral center of its sympathetic outreach by means of these streams, exceeds by thousands of times the power of our highest explosives. An atmospheric stream moving with the velocity of these sympathetic streams would atomize? a steel warship. As these streams come from celestial space they come in contact with the earth's dense atmospheric envelope and by their infinite velocities and inreach for the neutral centers, wrest from atomic confinement those latent energies we call heat and light." [SYMPATHETIC STREAMS - Snell]

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