language of Light

"Inspiration is the language of Light."

"Our inspirations are God's whisperings to us in His universal language of Light."

"If the Light comes slowly, it is because the desire is weak and belief too vague and abstract."

"The more you know the light-wave which records God's thinking, the more you will be enabled to think with Him. The more you think with God, the more you will know, for God is all knowledge and His knowing will be your knowing."

"The illuminated ones alone have this knowledge in its fullness."

"When we speak of brotherly love, we must know its scientific meaning in respect to the unity of the entire physical body of Creation as well as the unity of the spiritual universe of God."

"One world can only come through strong men throughout the world demonstrating the love principle by living it and teaching it."

"God is Love - unexpressed. God's Creation is Love - expressed. God's Love is changeless unity. God's Creation is His imagined division of His unity into pairs of changing opposite units, multiplied to infinity, for the purpose of manifesting the power of love through interchange between opposite pairs. Love is the one supreme Whole Idea of God."

"God expresses His Whole One Idea of love in Nature, electrically?, by rhythmic balanced interchange of love between all pairs of electric opposites in His imagined universe of multiple units of His One Idea. Rhythmic balanced interchange between pairs of opposite conditions is God's one law by means of which all effects in Nature, or in man's world of human relations, are produced. God holds this one law inviolate in all effects of cause." Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad (external link)

Q: Is that (telepathy) what you mean when you talk about the language of light?

A: "Yes it is! The language of light is the Silent Voice of omnipresent knowing interpreted into light-waves of universal thinking. Telepathy, inspiration and intuition come to us across the invisible light-waves of the universe. They are our universal cables by means of which Mind speaks to Mind.

"There is but one Mind and one Thinker. Therefore that which is known or thought by anyone, anywhere, can be known by any other one who is sufficiently attuned to receive telepathic messages sent in the language of light." Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad (external link), pg 227

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