▸ noun: the emotion of great happiness
▸ verb: make glad or happy
▸ verb: feel happiness or joy

"Allow yourself to be in a state of joy and know that when you are in that state you are in a state of God. The rest will happen. When you are in a state of joy, then disappointment falls away. You did nothing to make it go away. But it will always be this proposition that says, there is no logical reason for me to be joyful when I have debts, when I have things around me that are keeping me from being joyful. When my husband doesn't understand me, when my mother-in-law thinks I am less than the perfect wife, when my friends judge me wrongly, when I cannot pay the electric bill, how can I be joyful? And it is obviously less than logical when I say to you that being in a state of joy is the only thing that will change those things that you see around you. It is not those things going away that will allow you to be in a state of joy. It is your making the choice for joy and for peace that will create your thinking patterns which will reflect joy and peace. When your mind is in a state of perfect and perpetual peace, it will be quite impossible for you to have any experience which is not reflective of perpetual peace and joy and love. Changing the script will change the play." Dialogue on Awakening (external link), page 60-61

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