integer spin

Having spin or quantum number of spin-1, i.e., bosons.

Bosons: Elementary particles which are thought of as carrying forces are all bosons with spin-1. They include the photon which carries the electromagnetic force, the gluon (strong force), and the W and Z Bosons (weak force). The ability of Bosons to occupy the same quantum state is used in the laser?, which aligns many photons having the same quantum number (the same direction and frequency), superfluid liquid helium resulting from helium-4 atoms being Bosons, and superconductivity where pairs of electrons (which individually are fermions) act as single composite Bosons.

Elementary Bosons with other spins (0, 2, 3 etc.) were not historically known to exist, although they have received considerable theoretical treatment and are well established within their respective mainstream theories. In particular theoreticians have proposed the graviton? (predicted to exist by some quantum gravity theories) with spin 2, and the Higgs Boson (explaining electroweak symmetry breaking) with spin 0.

As of 2013 the Higgs boson with spin-0 is considered proven to exist. It is the first scalar particle (spin-0) known to exist in nature.

Theoretical and experimental studies have shown that the spin possessed by elementary particles cannot be explained by postulating that they are made up of even smaller particles rotating about a common center of mass (see classical electron radius?); as far as can be presently determined, these elementary particles have no inner structure. The spin of an elementary particle is therefore seen as a truly intrinsic physical property, akin to the particle's electric charge and rest mass?. Wikipedia, Spin (external link)

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