Interetheric sympathy applied to the human condition.

"As you fill your lives from day to day and hour to hour with words and deeds, I would suggest that many times you overlook the feelings that accompany the words and the deeds. Often the feelings are uncomfortable, generating fear and apprehension. I would suggest they are still well worth paying attention to because it is the habit of learning to be in touch with those feelings that opens the door to the truer feelings, those of peace and joy, the feelings that ultimately bring us into our awareness of Being, of being the true extension of God.

It will also be in your paying attention to the feelings that do generate fear that you will find it easier to let go of them as you compare them to the feelings of peace. I could speak to you in volumes about how to let go of fear, of why to let go of fear, of the unreality of fear, but it would be rare if any of these words really captured your attention. It will be the feeling of peace, it will be your experience of being in the space of knowing that you are well entrenched in the Mind of God where there is no fear, that will then make it far easier for you to discredit the feelings of fear that are generated when you forget who you are.

So my suggestion is simply this; surrender to your feeling, whatever it may be, surrender to it because it will be your closest communication to the Being of your Self." A Dialogue on Awakening (external link), page 54

"Words are tools of the intellect. Feelings are expressions of your spirit. Allow the words to communicate as clearly as possible the feelings of love you would have them do, but please do not be bound or separated because the words would have a different meaning to those whom they are offered. When you stand in the presence of extending the love of your Being with no words being necessary, then miscommunication is impossible. Ask yourself how many times, as you have attempted to communicate and felt yourself to be quite clear, there were, nevertheless, misunderstandings. Please hear my point. Go beyond the words. Reside in the feelings that represent who you are and know that the recognition of you is most clearly expressed by that and that alone." A Dialogue on Awakening (external link), page 116

"The love that is present within you is a wondrous thing to share. It is your sharing of this love that is the most significant thing you do. Again, it becomes a matter of allowing the feeling to become the focus. Words can be perceived and misperceived, but they are at all times within the realm of perception. It is when you allow yourself to become fully immersed in the feeling of your Being, in the feeling of love, that you will communicate who God is. When you try to rationally explain what it is you feel a need to do, it is precisely this: to communicate the Love of God. This will not happen with words. This does not take place through something which you call understanding or knowledge. This happens only through your allowing yourself to be the expression of what you are and that only occurs through feeling. It only occurs through your acknowledgment of what is You and trusting, wholly trusting, that your seeing of who You are is the single greatest enabling device to trigger the memory of anyone." A Dialogue on Awakening (external link), page 143-144

"Not the ones speaking the same language, but the ones sharing the same feeling understand each other." Rumi

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