etheriform element

"All material life rquires nourishment. All material life is nourished by the like material with which it is made. All material life has appended to it the requirements for obtaining that nourishment. All material life knows what is its natural nourishment. These are facts that do not stop short at material life, but are true of all life including the soul or spirit of man. The soul or real life of man requires nourishment, is nourished by the same MATERIAL by which it is itself made, has appended to it the requirements for obtaining that nourishment, and knows what its natural nourishment is. It is not, unlike all other life, left out in utter darkness as to its own position in this life. In the Creator, the source of all life and knowledge, is that sympathy which the creature, by created means made known to him, must imbibe as the requisite motive life-power for producing true human happiness to himself and glory to God. This created means is the etheriform element referred to in this article." David Sinclair, Vera Vita the Philosophy of Sympathy

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