Etheric Vapor

Etheric Vapor
Etheric Vapor
Etheric Vapor

In Keely's jargon, water dissociated acoustically or otherwise into its constituent, component or aliquot parts (Hydrogen and Oxygen) (and their constituent components (electrons, protons, etc.). This vapor or gas has diverse chemical, energy and frequency properties. Hence there are many varieties of Etheric Vapor. Today we call these diverse substances plasma of diverse types. [See Etheric Elements, Supercritical Fluid]

"Transmitting the order of sympathetic atomic vibration through a three-node transmitter (Trextrinar) induces interatomic percussion resulting in triple atomic subdivision not by oscillation of the atoms across their diameter but by infinite acceleration of the atomic film or etheric capsule, and at the same time permitting the extension of atomic vibration far enough to set free the gaseous atomic element." [TREXNONAR - Snell]

"The true study of the Deity by man being in the observation of His marvelous works, the discovery of a fundamental, creative law of as wide and comprehensive grasp as would make this etheric vapour a tangible link between God and man would enable us to realize, in a measure, the actual existing working qualities of God Himself (speaking most reverentially) as he would those of a fellow-man. Such a link would constitute a base or superstructure of recognition, praise, worship and imitation, such as seems to underlie the whole Biblical structure as a foundation." [Keely underline added, see Spiritual, Mind, Mind Force]

"Comparing it (etheric vapor) with steam it is as different as it is opposite in origin. Steam is derived from heat or combustion, and so may be said to have a chemical origin; the (etheric) vapor is a production of mechanical action, a spontaneous energy. Vibration, whether considered as an energy or a motion, is an inherent property or concomitant of matter, and therefore spontaneous. Keely's inventions for producing this power are so entirely original, and so unlike any other devices that have been constructed, that there is nothing in the annals of research to afford a starting point for the understanding. The mechanical means by which this occult energy under consideration is educed and economized, are as unique as those which belong to electricity. Keely's instruments are no more like electrical apparatus than they are like the machinery used with steam, the product of the crude molecular dissociation of water by heat." [Bloomfield-Moore in Keely and His Discoveries]

"For nearly fifteen years, Keely constructed engines of various models, with this end in view, before he discovered that it is impossible to use the ether in any other way than as a medium for the energy that he is now experimenting with; and which he defines, in its present operation, as a condition of sympathetic vibration associated with the polar stream positively and negatively." [CJBM, Keely and His Discoveries (underline added)]

"The atomolic substance is what is termed the ether which fills all space and is the transmitting medium for all celestial and terrestrial forces. This is the liquid ether of occult science. [(underline added)]

The atomoles are made up of atomolini (singular atomolinus); the subdivision of matter from this point is beyond man's power, as at this point it escapes all control of apparatus, passing through glass and hardened steel as a luminous flame without heat, which is hardly seen before it vanishes, - a perpetual flame coldly luminous." Dashed Against the Rock (external link) See Luminon, Luminiferous Ether

"If the latent force that exists in a pound of water could be sympathetically evolved or liberated up to the seventh subdivision or compound interetheric, and could be stored free of rotation, it would be in my estimation sufficient to run the power of the world for a century." [Vibratory Physics - True Science]

"In order to subdivide the atoms in the atomic triplet, the molecular ether, liberated from the molecule, is absolutely necessary to effect the rupture of the atoms; and so on, progressively, in each order of ether; molecular, intermolecular, atomic, interatomic, etheric, interetheric, the ether liberated in each successive division is essential to the next subdivision." [Vibratory Physics - True Science underline added]

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