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energy-flux density

"The history of human progress, like the historical development of Earth’s biosphere, has demonstrated a steady increase in what Lyndon LaRouche has termed energy flux density. The margin of difference between the energy flux density requirements of the system as a whole, and the actual energy flux density expressed by given living organisms and human societies, is the determining factor in all extinction events of both living organisms and human societies. This energy flux density requirement is constantly increasing with the development of the galaxy, and of larger systems, as a whole."

"This thermodynamical characteristic of living processes generally, is carried over from other forms of variously living and extinct species and human cultures. This general principle of all living process presently known to us, is a general law. That law is definable as a condition of progress from lower to higher modes of thermodynamics of all forms of life, as the fruit of this same set of terms. The universe, most clearly the human species, depends for the survival of existing and improved species on increase of the relative "energy-flux density" in the flow of various expressions of progress and upward-directed evolution of living processes." Lyndon LaRouche, The Showdown has Begun (external link)

"In other words, human progress is not measured against some fixed backdrop called absolute time, of the sort posited by Newton and taken to absurd extremes by Laplace?. Human progress is measured against the constant evolutionary development of the universe as a whole. It is a relative time, defined by the relationship among physical processes of anti-entropic development. The kind of so-called “zero growth” or “sustainable development policies” proposed by the lunatics known as environmentalists, is in reality a policy of collapse. The attempt to stop human development will result — by their own admission — in the rapid death of 5 to 6 billions of people on this planet over the course of the coming decades." Lyndon LaRouche

Energy-Flux Density
compound interetheric CI Mind Awareness
interetheric E+CI quark thought, idea 1910- Radionics, Free Energy Devices
etheric E photon light 1947 1st Laser
etheric E photon light 1880 Edison Light Bulb
interatomic A+E electron electricity 1882 AC Power
interatomic A+E electron electricity 1800 1st battery
interatomic A+E electron Heat 1800 steam power
atomic A atoms purified elements alchemy nascent chemistry
intermolecular M+A supercritical fluid refined alloys Iron, Bronze Age tools, weapons
molecular M molecule alloys Stone Age Stone, Wood

This table coordinates with the Etheric Elements table.

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