"...understand that emotions serve well the ego, but do not serve the spirit. Emotions are derived as expressions from ego activities." Dialogue on Awakening (external link) page 26

"The spirituality of each soul is such that - the purpose, the design, the desire, the application of self in any direction changes the urges and builds or lessens the emotions in the physical." Cayce (2279-1)

"Not that the entity in its meekness is not capable of being fired by emotions even to madness or anger. These are well. For they that are not capable of becoming emotional over their own ideas and ideals are very lax, but those who may not control same are in a sad plight indeed!" Cayce (1129-2)

". . . don't get mad and don't cuss a body out mentally or in voice. This brings more poisons than may be created by even taking foods that aren't good." Cayce (470-37)

"Imagination and emotions are the most concentrated forms of energy that you possess as physical creatures. Any strong emotion carries within it far more energy than, say, that required to send a rocket to the moon. "Emotions, instead of propelling a physical rocket, for example, send thoughts from this interior reality through the barrier between nonphysical and physical into the "objective" world - no small feat, and one that is constantly repeated." [Seth? / Jane Roberts?, Session 625, p. 95, The Nature of Personal Reality]

"When you feel the rise of unpleasant emotions, take a moment and make an effort to identify their source. The answers are far more available than you may have previously believed. Accept such feelings as your own in the moment. Do not shove them underneath, ignore them or try to substitute what you think of as good thoughts. First be aware of the reality of your feelings. As you become more aware of your beliefs over a period of time, you will see how they bring forth certain feelings automatically. A man who is sure of himself is not angry at every slight done him, nor does he carry grudges. A man who fears for his own worth, however, is furious under such conditions. The free flow of your emotions will always lead you back to your conscious beliefs if you do not impede them." [Seth? / Jane Roberts?, Session 625, p. 95, The Nature of Personal Reality]

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