In its simplest form death is entropy (dispersion) or that which resists syntropy (good or life nurturing).

We have gone far enough to find that there is no such thing as death; that matter cannot die, any more than the substance or spiritual essence which controls it can die. The word death is a misnomer, for there is only a change of base in the molecular visible, and it is the same with the sympathetic invisible, for celestial radiation claims her own back again to its realm of spiritual existence. Keely, Newton of the Mind

"It (death) is not the end, then, because we pass from one room to another, from one consciousness to another. For, so is it proclaimed in that promise. Though we live in the physical consciousness, we pass - as this entity has oft - into those consciousnesses of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus; for these are but stepping stones to the greater consciousness which He would have each soul attain in its relationships with and usage of its fellow men." Cayce (2282-1)

"There are many who do not yet understand, truly understand, that it is impossible to die, that there is not a vengeful God who can and would take away their infinite life." A Dialogue on Awakening (external link), page 164

"When the soul departs from a body - (this is not being spoken of the Christ) - it has all the form of the body from which it has passed - yet it is not visible to the carnal mind, unless that mind has been and is, attuned to the infinite. Then it appears, in the infinite, as that which may be handled, with all the attributes of the physical being; with the appetites, until these have been accorded to a unit of activity with the Universal Consciousness." Cayce (2533-8)

"Death does not mean discontinuance, for no idea discontinues. Death means disappearance; just an interval between that and reappearance. This is a repetitive universe of continuing things." Russell, Genero-Radiative Concept

"Nothing grows, nothing remains alone unless dead. A mind, a body that sits alone and considers the outside and never turning that within to the out, nor that without from within, soon finds drosses setting up in the system; for development is change. Change is the activity of knowledge from within. Learn to live! Then there is no death, save the transition, when desired." Cayce (900-465)

"For, as has been given, it is not all of life to live, nor yet all of death to die. For life and death are one, and only those who will consider the experience as one may come to understand or comprehend what peace indeed means." Cayce (1977-1)

"That each entity must and will some day attain to the ability to be conscious of physical Death without the physical suffering is true, but the day - to most, is far, too far away." Cayce (993-7)

(Q) "Does Death instantly end all feeling in the physical body? If not, how long can it feel?"
(A) "This would be such a problem; dependent upon the character of which unconsciousness is produced to the physical reaction - or the manner in which the consciousness has been trained. Death - as commonly spoken of - is only passing through God's other door. That there is continued consciousness is evidenced, ever, by the associations of influences, the abilities of entities to project or to make those impressions upon the consciousness of sensitives or the like. As to how long - many an individual has remained in that called Death for what ye call YEARS without realizing it was dead! The feelings, the desires for what ye call appetites are changed, or not aware at all. The ability to communicate is that which usually disturbs or worries others. Then, as to say how long - that depends upon the entity. For as has been given, the psychic forces of an entity are CONSTANTLY active - whether the Soul-entity is aware of same or not. Hence as has been the experience of many, these become as individual as individualities or personalities are themselves." Cayce (1472-2)


So whenever fear comes to you, don't suppress it, don't repress it, don't avoid it, don't get occupied in something so that you can forget about it.

No! When fear comes, watch it.

Be face to face with it.

Encounter it.

Look deep into it.

Gaze into the valley of fear.

Of course you will perspire, and you will tremble, and it will be like a death, and you will have to live it many times. But by and by, the more your eyes become clear, the more your awareness becomes alert, the more your focus is there on the fear, the fear will disappear like a mist. And once fear disappears, sometimes, even for only a moment, suddenly you are deathless.

There is no death.

Death is the greatest illusion there is, the greatest myth - a lie.

For even a single moment, if you can see that you are deathless.

Then no meditation is needed.

Then live that experience, then act out of that experience, and the doors of eternal life are open for you.

Much is being missed because of fear.

We are too attached to the body and we go on creating more and more fear because of that attachment.

The body is going to die, the body is part of death, the body is death - but you are beyond the body.

You are not the body; you are the bodiless.

Remember it. Realize it.

Awaken yourself to this truth - that you are beyond the body. You are the witness, the seer.

Then death disappears and fear disappears, and there arises the tremendously glorious life - what Jesus calls 'life abundant,' or 'the kingdom? of God.'

The kingdom? of God is within you.
From Ancient Music in the Pines Chapter #5

Doctor dies and returns to life
http://www.cbn.com/tv/2125902823001 (external link)

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