"Corpuscles are inconceivably small particles of matter, or light, or Mind substance, which have been churned into motion by the electromagnetic forces of the thinking process of Mind, exactly as bubbles are particles of water and air churned into motion by the force of a propeller.

"The complexity of motion of these corpuscles is the sole cause of the illusion of a universe of many things evolved from the imagination of thinking Mind.

"As it should also by now be thoroughly understood that the words "matter" and "light" are used in the sense of characterising the substance of Mind, and that the word "energy" is used in the sense of characterizing the force, or life principle which makes of Mind a thinking substance; that the words "electricity" and "magnetism" are used in the sense of characterizing the apparent division of the One force of energy into the appearance of two, the relator will henceforth use these words with the assurance that the line between reality and illusion has been sufficiently well drawn to justify the omission of qualifying words." The Universal One (external link), Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter

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