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Continuous Motion

Motion that is continuous such as natural cycles:
1 - the earth spinning and revolving around the Sun.
2 - The Sun emitting continuously various forms of energy.
3 - Atomic and molecular motions.
4 - flowing river as long as it has water sufficient to do so.
5 - Evaporation? from oceans and condensation as rain.
What is it about the above dynamics and systems that makes their actions continuous?

Water Wheel

Water Wheel

Continuous Motion is not the same as Perpetual Motion which is nonsense based on the definitions given, yet continuous motion does exist. [See Neutral Center and Laws of Thermodynamics]

"In commercial use Keely expects that when the motion has been once set up, in any of his machines, it will continue until the material is worn out. It is this claim which has caused Keely to be classed with perpetual motion seekers." [Progressive Science]

"When the proper impulse is given to induce the rotation with pure alternating corpuscular action, the conditions of action become perpetual in their character, lasting long enough from that one impulse to wear out any machine denoting such action, and on the Sympathetic Stream eternally perpetual." [Keely in Keely and His Discoveries]

"Ignorant, indeed, of the nature of Mr. Keely's work must those men be who accuse him of “abandoning his base” or “principle”, each time that he discovers his mistakes, and using them as stepping-stones to approach nearer and still nearer to his goal: reproaching him, even, for keeping his own counsel, until certainty of success rendered it prudent for him to make known that, in changing his field of experiment from positive attraction to negative attraction, he had succeeded in his efforts to produce continuity of motion." [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]

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