"The brain is but the electric recording mechanism of conscious Mind thinking. It is the servant of Universal Intelligence. The brain is the seat of sensation." Russell, (The Secret of Light (external link), page 57)

"Thy BRAIN is not thy mind, it is that which is used by thy mind!'' Cayce (826-11)

Brain as Applied to Vibratory Science

Brain as Applied to Vibratory Etheric Science

See 08 - The Brain as applied to Vibratory Etheric Science

"I call this indefinable, latent element," he (Keely) writes, "the Soul of the sympathetic elements in which it manifests, itself; and which until now has been locked up in their interstitial embrace. It is the leader of all triple streams, associated with the polar negative envelope of our planet and the one most sympathetically concordant to celestial radiation. In our individual organisms, the latent soul-forces, existing in the cerebral domain, are sympathetically subservient to the celestial radiating force whereby they are stimulated into action in controlling the movements of our bodies. Take away this latent element from the brain and the physical organism becomes and inert, dead mass; on the same order as a mechanical device without an energy to operate it.

"The polar negative machine is a mechanical brain, with all the adjuncts associated with it to sympathetically receive and distribute the polar negative force?. Its sympathetic transmitter (corresponding to our sun in our planetary system, transmitting all energy from the central sun of the universe) is the medium whereby sympathetic concordance is established between it and polar sympathy?. The requisites for polarizing and depolarizing keep up the action of the machine as long as it is associated with the transmitter. The force which operates the mechanical is the same as that which operates the physical brain; purely mental, emanating from celestial outreach. There is nothing in the range of philosophy which so satisfies the intellect as the comprehension of this wondrous system of sympathetic association, planned by the Creator of the celestial and terrestrial universe, for the government of all forms of matter.

"Nature cannot rebel against herself. The flowers of spring cannot resist the sympathetic force which calls them into bloom, any more than the latent force in intermolecular spaces can rebel and remain in neutral depths when sympathetic vibration calls it forth.

"What is the Soul but life in latent suspension? The motion exhibited in matter shows that its Soul is ever present; and yet there are men of great learning, as taught in the schools, who, after spending their lives in researching all forms of matter, deny that all living things depend on one everlasting Creator and Ruler, in whom they live and move and have their being through all time, as much as when He first breathed into them the breath of celestial radiation; and to whom they are as closely allied, still, by the workings of the great cosmical law of sympathetic association, as when the evolutionary work of creation commenced.

"The ancients were far better schooled in spiritual philosophy than are we of the present age. Their mythological records, in their symbolical meaning, prove this fact. They recognized this latent element as the very breath of the Almighty; the sympathetic outflow of the trinity of force, the triple spiritual essence of God Himself. Their conceptions of Deity were greater and truer than our own. From them we learn that when God said 'Let there be light,' He liberated the latent celestial element that illuminates the world: that when He breathed into man the breath of life, He impregnated him with that latent Soul–element that made him a living and moving being." Clara Bloomfield-Moore, The Veil Withdrawn

See Brain Sympathetic Flow

17 - Brain Section in Circle

Brain as Applied to Vibratory Science

See 17 - Brain Section in Circle


"Keely, writing on brain disturbance, says, "In considering the mental forces as associated with the physical, I find, by my past researches, that the convolutions which exist in the cerebral field are entirely governed by the sympathetic conditions that surround them.

"The question arises, what are these aggregations and what do they represent, as being linked with physical impulses? They are simply vibrometric resonators, thoroughly subservient to sympathetic acoustic impulses given to them by their atomic sympathetic surrounding media, all the sympathetic impulses? that so entirely govern the physical in their many and perfect impulses (we are now discussing purity of conditions) are not emanations properly inherent in their own composition. They are only media - the acoustic media - for transferring from their vibratory surroundings the conditions necessary to the pure connective link for vitalizing and bringing into action the varied impulses of the physical.

"All abnormal discordant aggregations in these resonating convolutions produce differentiation to concordant transmission?; and, according as these differentiations exist in volume so the transmission are discordantly transferred, producing antagonism to pure physical action.

"Thus, in Motor Ataxy a differentiation of the minor thirds? of the posterior parietal lobule produces the same condition between the retractors and extensors of the leg and foot; and thus the control of the proper movements is lost through this differentiation. The same truth can be universally applied to any of the cerebral convolutions that are in a state of differential harmony to the mass of immediate cerebral surroundings. Taking the cerebral condition of the whole mass as one, it is subservient to one general head centre, although as many neutrals are represented as there are convolutions.

"The introductory minors are controlled by the molecular; the next progressive third by the atomic; and the high third by the Etheric. All these progressive links have their positive, negative, and neutral position. When we take into consideration the structural condition of the human brain, we ought not to be bewildered by the infinite variety of its sympathetic impulses?; inasmuch as it unerringly proves the true philosophy that the mass chords of such structures are governed by vibratory etheric flows - the very material which composes them. There is no structure whatever, animal, vegetable, mineral, that is not built up from the universal cosmic ether. Certain orders of attractive vibration produce certain orders or structure; thus, the infinite variety of effects - more especially in the cerebral organs. The bar of iron or the mass of steel, have, in each, all the qualifications necessary, under certain vibratory impulses, to evolve all the conditions that govern that animal organism - the brain; and it is as possible to differentiate the molecular conditions of a mass of metal of any shape so as to produce what you may express as a crazy piece of iron or a crazy piece of steel; or vice versa, an intelligent condition in the same.

"I find in my researches, as to the condition of molecules under vibration, that discordance cannot exist in the Molecule proper; and that it is the highest and most perfect structural condition that exists; providing that all the progressive orders are the same. Discordance in any mass is the result of differentiated groups, induced by antagonistic chords, and the flight or motions of such, when intensified by sound, are very tortuous and zig-zag; but when free of this differentiation are in straight lines. Tortuous lines denote discord, or pain; straight lines denote harmony, or pleasure. Any differentiated mass can be brought to a condition of harmony, or equation, by proper chord media, and an equated sympathy produced.

"There is good reason for believing that insanity is simply a condition of differentiation in the mass chords of the cerebral convolutions, which creates an antagonistic molecular bombardment towards the neutral or attractive centres of such convolutions; which, in turn, produce a morbid irritation in the cortical sensory centres in the substance of ideation; accompanied, as a general thing, by sensory hallucinations, ushered in by subjective sensations; such as flashes of light and color, or confused sounds and disagreeable odours, etc., etc.

"There is no condition of the human brain that ought not to be sympathetically coincident to that order of atomic flow to which its position, in the cerebral field, is fitted. Any differentiation in that special organ, or, more plainly, any discordant grouping tends to produce a discordant bombardment - an antagonistic conflict; which means the same disturbance transferred to the physical, producing inharmonious disaster to that portion of the physical field which is controlled by that especial convolution. This unstable aggregation may be compared to a knot on a violin string. As long as this knot remains it is impossible to elicit, from its sympathetic surroundings, the condition which transfers pure concordance to its resonating body. Discordant conditions, i. e., differentiation of mass, produce negatization to coincident action.

"The question now arises, What condition is it necessary to bring about in order to bring back normality, or to produce stable equilibrium in the sympathetic centres?

"The normal brain is like a harp of many strings strung to perfect harmony. The transmitting conditions being perfect, are ready, at any impulse, to induce pure sympathetic assimilation?. The different strings represent the different ventricles and convolutions. The differentiations of any one from its true setting is fatal, to a certain degree, to the harmony of the whole combination.

"If the sympathetic condition of any physical organism carries a positive flow of 80 per cent on its whole combination, and a negative one of 20 per cent., it is the medium of perfect assimilation to one of the same ratio, if it is distributed under the same conditions to the mass of the other. If two masses of metal, of any shape whatever, are brought under perfect assimilation, to one another, their unition, when brought into contact, will be instant. If we live in a sympathetic field? we become sympathetic, and a tendency from the abnormal to the normal presents itself by an evolution of a purely sympathetic flow towards its attractive centres. It is only under these conditions that differentiation can be broken up, and a pure equation established. The only condition under which equation can never be established is when a differential disaster has taken place, of 66 2/3 against the 100 pure, taking the full volume as one. If the 66 2/3 or even 100 exists in one organ alone, and the surrounding ones are normal, then a condition can be easily brought about to establish the concordant harmony or equation to that organ. It is as rare to find a negative condition of 66 2/3 against the volume of the whole cerebral mass, as it is to find a coincident between differentiation; or, more plainly, between two individuals under a state of negative influence. Under this new system it is as possible to induce negations alike as it is to induce positives alike.

"Pure sympathetic concordants are as antagonistic to negative discordants as the negative is to the positive; but the vast volume the sympathetic holds over the non-sympathetic, in ethereal space, makes is at once the ruling medium and re-adjuster of all opposing conditions if properly brought to bear upon them." Keely and His Discoveries


Alpha, Theta and Delta (sleep) are defined as "altered states of consciousness," as opposed to Beta, which is considered to be a fully conscious state. They are so called because it is necessary to alter one's state of consciousness from the fully awake state (Beta), to either Alpha?, Theta? or Delta (sleep), which are all progressive states of expanded awareness and thus are subject to less vibratory interference from the biological brain.

Beta is the so-called conscious level of mind. Alpha and Theta form the subconscious regions of the mind's operation, and Delta is the unconscious region of thought activity. These states form the spectrum of mind operation.

Small children function mainly at the Theta, Alpha and Delta states of mind, as do animals. Human adults operate mostly at Beta.


Time, as you know it in the realm you call earth, is divided into four segments. These are called respectively, Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta waves. Most of you will recognize these terms as brain waves, referring to the different foci of attention. They are:

DELTA – 0 to 4 cycles per second of brain wave activity. Your scientists have referred to this type of brain activity as deep being, Pure Being. This level is the precursor to individual thought. Therefore, there is no thought action in Delta, just pure awareness. This is the realm approaching No Time. It is your Buddhist Masters who would explain it as the Void. Other realms of thought would call it God, The Silence, The Stillness, the Pause Before Being. It is the region of the AUM (OM) mantra in its origination. (5-D)

THETA - a.. 4 to 6 or 8 cycles per second of brain wave movement. b.. This state is called Deep Inward Thinking or Creative Imagination as it is applied to inward realities and worlds.
c.. d.. This realm of activity is referred to as the Causal Plane,
e.. f.. The Beginning of Maya (or illusion).
g.. h.. i.. The Dominion, The Birthplace of Space and Time or sequences of events are found in Theta. j..

ALPHA - a.. The cycles in Alpha are from 6- 8 per second to 10 -12 cycles per second of brain wave activity.
b.. c.. This is the region known as the realm of the feelings, the realms of the emotions.
d.. e.. Here it is that involvement in the out picturing of the creations of the Causal Plane are reacted to in feeling and energy in time and sequence.
f.. g.. The five senses are active on this level in the forms of clairvoyance, clairsentience?, clairaudience?, and psychic smell.
h.. i.. When a person's body temple dies on the physical plane, the consciousness is fully immersed in the energies of this level.
j.. This level of emotion gives spontaneous rise to perception of reality on the physical plane. That is why a thief will see all others as thieves, and a saint will see these same people as children of God. (4-D)

a.. b.. c.. This is the level of experiencing the results of previously created thoughts and imaginings of the Theta Causal Plane. d..

BETA - a.. 12 cycles and up. b.. c.. This is the state of experiencing the feedback of the physical body sensations, five senses, the material world and its inputs.
d..e.. Examples are hot, cold, sight, taste, hearing, touch, softness, and roughness, up or down, wide or narrow, fast or slow movement.
f.. g.. In your culture, as children you were forced under the threat of punishment to focus your awareness on the level of the five senses and material reality during many of the phases of your childhood when your being really needed to experience the other levels.
h.. i.. j.. Because of this, a form of disassociation or forgetfulness occurred through constant and forced repetition of the spending too much time focused in the material world.
k..l.. Daydreams and time to explore the inner worlds are important to the spiritual development of children.
m.. n.. This obsession with the material world resulted in a forgetting of your Sonship or Daughtership with the Father Mother aspect of your Being.
o..p.. It caused a slipping down into the realms of what you know as mass conscious illusion, or typical society.
q.. r.. Because of this, miracles often could not be perceived within the realm of your experience.

We offer this knowledge to you as a precursor of re-awakening. We desire you to equally appreciate the forms of time known on your plane as Pure Being, Deep Inward Thought, The emotions, which will result in great healing, And the wondrous five senses of body.

We ask those of you who receive this message to read it thoughtfully and enough times to stir the Inner Knowingness which you do indeed already possess.

It is our joy to be given permission to remind you that you have spent many lifetimes experiencing the four states of times in many different ways. Even for those who cannot fathom the ideas of reincarnation, remember that the SOUL is eternal. Existence was before and after your birth and death in physical form. (Source Unknown)


John Lorber?, a British neurologist, has studied many cases of hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and concluded that the loss of nearly all of the cerebral cortex (the brain's convoluted outer layer) does not necessarily lead to mental impairment. He cites the case of a student at Sheffield University, who has an IQ of 126 and won first-class honors in mathematics. Yet, this boy has virtually no brain; his cortex measures only a millimeter or so thick compared to the normal 4.5 centimeters.

Although the deeper brain structures may carry on much of the body's work, the cortex is supposed to be a late evolutionary development that gave humans their vaunted mental powers and superiority over the other animals. If the cortex can be removed with little mental impairment, what is it for in the first place?

(Lewin, Roger; "Is Your Brain Really Necessary?" Science, 210:1232, 1980.) Comment. Brain size, then, may mean nothing in comparing ancient and modern human skulls or human brain capacity with those of animals! Where is the seat of intelligence?

Brain and hydrocephalus In some cases of hydrocephalus, the cortex is only paper-thin, but little mental impairments is apparent.

From Science Frontiers #15, Spring 1981. © 1981-2000 William R. Corliss


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See this web page about Brain Scans and the Amygdala. (external link) They are quite similar to Keely's Brain Charts:

Figure 18.02.01 - Keely Chart Showing acoustic resonant areas of the Brain
Figure 18.03 - Keely Chart Showing Acoustic Resonance of the Brain Chord

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Figure 18.02.01 - Keely Chart Showing acoustic resonant areas of the Brain
Figure 18.03 - Keely Chart Showing Acoustic Resonance of the Brain Chord
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