"Would thou become an automaton, to be pushed about or handled by ANY force outside of thyself? and then lose thine own association or connection with thine Creator itself? for, as has been given, the spiritual insight in an individual is that it may become equal or one with the divine influences as may manifest themselves in the individual's life. To act, or be acted upon by such influences, as to be pushed about as an automaton, and to be chosen for us as to what would be the activities, is making the individuals lose their individuality; their personality becomes submerged in that of another." Cayce (270-028) (underline added)

"The application of the knowledge must be construed within self. To give to do this today or tomorrow, or the next day, would make the body an automaton and not a free-willed individual." Cayce (264-056)

"He that expects and puts his trust? and faith in the Lord shall not be disappointed. He that would be double-minded may expect to be disturbed in the mental visions that are brought in the experience of such an one from time to time. The LAW is perfect. The flesh is weak. The spirit is willing. In making each compatible, then, an exercising of the prerogative that makes for the differentiation between an automaton and a living example is made manifest. He that has been faithful over a few things may be made ruler over many. Faint not because of disappointment. Rather use even failures as stepping-stones for gaining the greater vision of the light. The light that makes the path straight. Walk, then, in the light that is set by self as the ideal. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Ye will be enjoined one to the other. Keep thine counsel in many things. Be a good listener, and an EXCELLENT worker." Cayce (311-008)

(Q) What will be the span of my life here, so that I may plan accordingly?
(A) One can make that almost what one wishes! It is true that with each atom as it is separated in conception there is given a vibratory force that has its extenuation in the general activities through a system, or the span set. Some individuals hold that the day of demise is set with the day of birth, yet if this were so men would become only an automaton. But will and the purpose or desire, with the activities in its relationships to what has been the promise - "Honor - that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord, thy God, giveth thee," make for the setting of the time." Cayce (338-005)

"As to the choices, these must ever be in self. For, if freewill or the desire (which is an attribute or an expression of will) were taken from man, or from the human soul, it would then become rather the automaton, rather the animal, or rather the spirit of animal activity in a material world; hence not of itself. Rather, when the activity is not of self, let it be not in materiality but in spirituality - and the expressions thereof in self's activities." Cayce (349-017)

"For thou art indeed a god in its making, for He would have thee as one with Him; yet the choices must be made by thee, or else ye become only as an automaton, only capable of doing that to which ye have been set as unchangeable." Cayce (1440-001)

"But the WILL is of self, else ye would not indeed be the child of the Creative and Living Force or God that ye are; but as an automaton." Cayce (1538-001)

"For as was given of old, there is each day set before us life and death, good and evil. We choose because of our natures. If our will were broken, if we were commanded to do this or that, or to become as an automaton, our individuality then would be lost and we would only be as in Him without conscience - CONSCIENCE - (consciousness) of being one with Him; with the abilities to choose for self!" Cayce (1567-002)

"Each soul in its awareness is born into an environ materially, an environ spiritually?, an environ that may be of the making or the undoing; dependent upon the will - the birthright?, the gift of each soul that it may make itself manifest and one with that Creative Force, and not merely an automaton that would be moved only as it would not." Cayce (2608-001)

"What is thy God? The Creative Forces, or self? A good time, fame or fortune? Ye must know. Ye must answer. God does not even answer for you. He gives you the free will to use as ye WILL. For He does not want, does not have, other than that one choosing to be equal with Him. If He had to knock you in the head to do it, or you had to become an automaton and pushed about, could you be equal with the Creative Forces? Answer within yourself!" Cayce (2981-004)

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