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▸ noun: the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts
▸ noun: the force by which one object attracts another
sympathy, affinity, aggregation, assimilation

Attraction by Sound see Bjerknes Effect
"Attraction of red cells (small circles) to a gas (cavitation) bubble (large central circle) in a sound field. (a) Initial cell distribution. (b) Distribution of cells after sound has been on for a short time. The cells form a sheath round the bubble and leave behind a cell-free area concentrate with the bubble.

"A suspension of biological cells or body fluid will contain tiny bubbles. A sound field? will set these bubbles vibrating, particularly those of a size whose resonant frequency is at the driving frequency. The bubbles become secondary sources of sound and two mechanisms cause biological effects. The first field is a small-scale eddying or acoustic microstreaming near the vibrating bubble. A suspension of red blood cells can be damaged in this way, the cell membranes stretching until they break. The second mechanism is the radiation force due to the fact that if the bubble is resonant, the driving sound field? is overwhelmed by a secondary sound field? radiated by the vibrating bubble. This causes a small particle near the bubble to be acted on by an inward radial force which varies as the inverse fifth power of the distance from the bubble center to the particle. Thus the pulsating bubble will collect particles to itself as shown to the left." (Young, Cavitation)

Cavitation Ring of Attraction

Sympathetic Negative Attraction
"Attraction is the mutual approach of aggregates caused by concentrated waves of harmonic energy, tending to move in line of least resistance, by becoming the center of one series of concentric waves instead of two or more series." Keely

"This power of the neutral center manifests itself in different degrees and in different ways, on the different planes of substance. MacVicar says "The law operates between two poles - assimilation and dissimilation - and by analysis and synthesis simultaneously."

Attraction and Repulsion of Magnets
3:6:9 - This quote seems to clearly explain the significance of the ratio 3:6:9 - "The relative frequency of all sympathetic streams is in the ratio 3:6:9. Those whose relative frequencies are 3:9 are mutually attractive, while those having the relation of 6:9 are mutually repellant." [Keely, SYMPATHETIC STREAMS - Snell, LAWS OF MOLECULAR BEING, Sympathetic Stream, Modes of Vibration, Modes of Vibration - Annotated]

Neutral Center Attraction
"There are several forms of attraction for the neutral center. Any metallic mass can be so impregnated with certain vibrations that it will assume the mental quality of attraction as well as that of repulsion. There is sympathetic negative attraction, which is manifested along radial lines of attracting force. This state can be induced by vibrating a sphere mass with the proper frequencies, which will cause all its component molecules to contribute their properties and powers to the mass-neutral center, with attendant phenomena. This sympathetic negative attraction is not the resultant of electrical sympathization but includes the full triune flow, of which the Dominant or "celestial associative" is the leader.

"Again, "That force which holds the planets in their orbits is the sympathetic outreach of negative attraction." See Gravity, Levitation

"Another form of attraction is the magnetic flow?. Magnetism has no Outreach, as has sympathetic negative attraction. Magnetism is highly electrical, in fact, is born of Electricity, whereas sympathetic negative attraction is not electrical. However, negative attraction displays a sympathetic outreach for magnetism. Sympathetic Negative Attraction reaches from planet to planet, but magnetism does not, for magnetism is static. Sympathetic Negative Attraction is born of the celestial and impregnates every mass in space, linking itself to all electrical and magnetic conditions and all spatial masses in turn are subservient to the celestial outreach. All the magnet's in the world no matter how differentiated could not induce rotation, but polar negative attraction induces rotation.

"Both attraction and repulsion are exhibited by the action of the dual magnetic force. However, like or unlike magnetic poles become attractive when their frequency ratios become 33 1/3 of one against 100 of the other, simply by sympathetic resonant vibration.

"It was Keely's expectation that he would eventually be able, through use of his infinite ninths? a series of these intervals ranging up into the inaudible, and his 27 groups of depolar discs, to establish sympathetic affinity with pure polar negative attraction minus magnetism - a perfected vibratory circuit? for producing commercial power." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

Attraction - Propulsion
"Is the difference between receptive and propulsive vibrations. They can be right or left receptive, or right or left propulsive. The positive vibrations are the radiating; the negative are the ones that are attracted toward the neutral center." Keely and His Discoveries Note that Russell uses opposite directions for these poles.

Attraction between Souls
"Souls in their varied experiences... are again and again DRAWN together by the natural law of attractive forces for the activity towards what The DEVELOPMENT of the soul to the ONE purpose, the ONE CAUSE - to be companionate with the FIRST CAUSE!" Cayce (903-23)

Attraction of Personal Purpose
" the beauty of thy purpose, attract others to you, who themselves have problems." Cayce (5231-1)

Attraction by Thought
"Intensify your thought and you set up attraction. Concentrate on a job, and you attract all the things necessary to accomplish it. You attract the things you give a great deal of thought to." - Henry Ford See As a Man Thinketh

Attractive Vibration
"The power of attractive vibration of the solar forces is the great coincident towards which the terrestrial-magnetic-sympathetic flow is diverted. This force is the celestial current that makes up the prime third of the triple association. It also induces aqueous disintegration and thermal concentration, the two prime conductors towards this coincident chord of sympathy with itself. Without this aqueous disintegration there would be no connective link between the celestial and terrestrial. There would exist nothing but a condition of luminous radiation on the order of the aurora - a reaching out for the concordant without any sympathetic diversion? to create unstable equilibrium of terrestrial magnetism. In fact under such a condition, the absence of the sun on one side, or the absence of water on the other, the magnetic or electric force would remain in a stable state of equilibrium, or the highest order of the chaotic. Disturbance of equilibrium and sympathetic equation constitute the dual power that governs all the varied forms of life and motion which exist terrestrially, of which the electric or magnetic is the prime mover and regulator. All electrical action, no matter of what character, has its sympathetic birth by the intervention of that current of the triune flow, which I call the Dominant, with the Polar harmonic current; all sympathetic flows being composed of three currents. They become associative one with the other only near the junction of terrestrial interference. The great vacuous field which exists between the planetary ranges holds this portion of the etheric flow free of all antagonism, molecularly or otherwise, till the associative point is reached; so wonderfully planned by the Great Creator, for instant electric evolution and assimilation with terrestrial centres of attraction. I call this intervention, atomic intermolecular and molecular density. The combination of the action of the triune sympathetic-celestial stream with the same intervening medium induces heat and light as the resultant of these corpuscular confliction with sympathetic celestial and terrestrial focalized centres of neutral radiation. I do not recognize Electricity, nor light, nor heat as coming from the sun. These conditions, according to my theories, emanate from atomic and interatomic interference on induced molecular vibration, by sympathetic etheric vibration, the celestial-attractive being the prime mover. In my estimation this is not at all phenomenal; it is only phenomenal as far as the knowledge of its action in mechanical physics is concerned. Physicists have been working in the wrong direction to lead them to associate themselves with Nature's sympathetic evolution. The expression "Electricity attracts at a distance" is as bad as, if not worse than, the microbe of the magnet." James Clerk Maxwell seems, when theorizing on sound transmission by an atmospheric medium, not to have taken into consideration the philosophy attending the phenomena of the origination of electric streams in celestial space. Light is one of the prominent evolved mediums in electric action, and is evolved by corpuscular bombardment induced by Sympathetic Streams acting between the neutral centres of planetary masses, all of which are under a condition of unstable equilibrium. These unstable conditions were born in them, and were thus designed by the Architect of Creation in order to perpetuate the connective link between the dispersing positive and the attractive negative. The action that induces this link I call sympathetic planetary oscillation." Keely and His Discoveries

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