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"Every revolving body is impressed by nature with certain laws making it susceptible of the operation of force which, being applied, impels motion. These laws may all be expressed under the general term, "Forces", which, though various in their nature, possess an equalizing power; controlling each other (as in the case of the atomic triplets) in such a way that neither can predominate beyond a certain limit. Consequently, these bodies can never approach nearer each other than a fixed point. Hence, these forces are, at some mean point, made perfectly equal, and therefore may be considered as but one force; therefore, as but one element. It matters not that other and disturbing forces exist outside or inside the space these bodies revolve in, because if this force must be considered as acting uniformly - applying itself to each of these bodies in a way to produce a perfect equation on all, it is as if this outside force were nonexisting." Chapter 5 Keely and His Discoveries

Triple Cardinal Directions, Vectors or Dimensions
Three Vectors
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Triple Cardinal Directions, Vectors or Dimensions
Three Planes
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Triple Cardinal Directions, Vectors or Dimensions
Three Spheres
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Figure 4.13 - Triplet Originations and Centralizations of Matter resultant from Three Relative Motions, Planes and Axis

Rotating Triplets Animation

Figure 7B.06 - Rotating Triplets Animation

Showing Rotation on Three Planes

"The structure of the air molecule, as believed in by Keely, is as follows: - Broken up, by vibratory action, he finds it to contain what he calls an atomic triplet. The position of a molecule, on the point of a fine cambric needle sustains the same relation to the point of the needle that a grain of sand sustains to a field of ten acres. We will, then, imagine a molecule magnified to the size of a billiard ball, and the atomic triplet magnified to the size of three marbles, in the triangular position, within that molecule, at its center; unless acted upon by electricity, when the molecule, the billiard ball, becomes oblate, and the three atoms are ranged in a line within, unless broken up by the mighty force of vibratory action. Nature never gives us a vacuum; consequently, the space within the molecule not occupied by the atomic triplet must be filled with something. This is where the Genii - "the all-prevading ether" - has made its secret abode through untold eons." Chapter 7 of Keely and His Discoveries See Force and Energy to understand Keely's term "Force". See Quadrature of the Circle (external link) wherein Keely talks of the arithmetic and geometric relationships of these three revolving bodies.

Rotating Atomic Triplets
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Animation by theonlyreallaz (external link)

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Figure 4.13 - Triplet Originations and Centralizations of Matter
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