Zero Point

"A very readable summary (of Zero Point) can be found in Scientific American? itself, in an article by Prof. Timothy Boyer? in the August 1985 issue, entitled "The Classical Vacuum." As to the origin of the term "zero-point energy," it simply means that for any vibration (acoustic, electromagnetic, etc.) there remains, even at a temperature of absolute zero?, a small residual energy that has its roots in the quantum uncertainty principle, a nonvanishing "quantum jiggle?," as it were. In the context of the program, the possibility of an enormous reservoir of zero-point energy in Space (the Vacuum) associated with electromagnetic fields? derives from the fact that although the residual energy at any given frequency is quite small (at the level of the uncertainty principle), there are contributions to the overall energy density from waves of all frequencies, propagating in all directions, and the sum of all these contributions is calculated to be quite large." Hal Puthoff?

Space, Vacuum, non-motion. Some believe energy (specifically Free Energy) can be derived or developed from Space, Vacuum or Zero Point. Apparently Keely did this sometime prior to 1895. [See Keely - Electricity from Space, Apergy - Power Without Cost and Keelys Accomplishments]

Zero Point, as science uses the term, is NOT the same as Keely's Neutral Center. However, many people use the term Zero Point in a way that would be synonmous with "Neutral Center"; i.e., point of convergence or neutralization of forces. [see voiding]

Keely on Residual Zero Point Energy
"True science is bastardized by intimating that the life in matter can be destroyed by any intensity of thermal negation (frigidity). Can finite man make use of an infinite element to neutralize infinity? Thermal negation causes molecular oscillation to diminish, or even seem to cease, but the results brought about from this superficial appearance of matter coming to rest are that the latent energy existing in the molecular zone is transferred to the intermolecular, increasing the oscillations of the intermolecular in the same ratio that the molecular is diminished. All the art that man can employ to induce the same effect on the intermolecular zone ends here." [Keely, Newton of the Mind, Subdivision]

"God extends His LOVE, His power and His knowing, radially, from zero points of omnipresent stillness to other zero points in the measure of His desire to give FORM TO HIS IMAGININGS. The intensity of desire extended from these centering points of rest to those extended points of rest determines the dimension of HIS desire. Thus the entire MECHANICAL principle of all Nature, by means of which its light illusions of motion are produced, is the consequent effect of such radial extensions." [10/18/1994 #1 HATONN (quoting Walter Russell?)]

"Electric and magnetic fields and other fields are subject to a version of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: it is not possible to have a state in which a field, and the rate at which it is changing, both vanish. Consequently empty Space, even far from any matter, is permeated with continually fluctuating fields. The effects of these fields are very weak under ordinary circumstances, but they can be measured - for instance, by observing a force between parallel metal plates due to the change produced by these plates in the fluctuating electric and magnetic fields in the Space between the plates. This is known as the Casimir Effect, and has been studied experimentally and theoretically for many years." [Steven Weinberg]

What does "Zero Point" mean?
"Boyer? traces the historical “creation of the Vacuum” as proceeding in stages in parallel with the historical development of ideas about the Vacuum. To paraphrase, he says that in the 17th century, it was thought that a totally empty volume of Space could be created by simply removing all matter and, in particular, all gases. That was our first concept of the Vacuum. Just get rid of all the gas."

"Late in the 19th century, it became apparent that the region still contained thermal radiation. But it seemed that the radiation might be eliminated by cooling. So the second concept of getting a real Vacuum is to cool it down to zero temperature. Just go all the way to absolute zero?. Then we’ve got a real Vacuum. Right? Well, since then, both theory and experiment have shown that there is a non-thermal radiation in the Vacuum and that it persists even if the temperature could be lowered to absolute zero?. Therefore, it was simply called the “zero point” radiation." [Thomas Valone]

Thomas Valone
http://www.seaspower.com/InsideZeroPoint.htm (external link)

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