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Keely has given another exhibition of what he calls his "polar - depolar sympathetic force" or "the interchange of polar and depolar sympathy." Copper globes were made to revolve in response to the notes of a tuning fork or a zither? and guests were permitted to look at the new motor, which, like those which have preceded it in Keely's workshop during the last twenty years, is "not quite finished." This motor, a great mass of steel, "will so neutralize the force of gravity," Keely says, "that a child will be able to pick it up and hold it at arm's length." After it shall have been completed he will "run a street car crowded to the roof" with a reduced copy of it "no bigger than your hand."

We notice in the reports of this latest manifestation, that the aged inventor made a very significant remark. "I am always a good deal disturbed when I begin one of these exhibitions," said Keely, "for sometimes, if an unsympathetic person is present, the machines will not work." How many times have Spiritualist "mediums" said the same thing! How many times have they accounted for failure by explaining that the spirits were repelled by some unsympathetic person in the audience or "circle"! The most loyal and generous of Keely's patrons now believes, it is reported, that the motive power he has discovered is "the will of God," and that the old man can move railroad trains and other things by word of mouth without the aid of any machinery whatever. This appears to be the substance of his explanations to his intimate friends.

Keely now admits that he is working on a new basis or hypothesis?. Do not his latest allusion to the adverse influence of unsympathetic or unbelieving persons foreshadow a coming explanation that his occult force is really supplied from the spirit world?

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