White Light

Opposite of Black Light. White Light is centralizing Light while Black Light is decentralizing Light. White Light of undifferentiated Mind.

"God, the Creator is LIGHT – the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe." [Atomic Suicide? - Chapter 2 - How Radioactivity Kills, part 2 of 2]

"If the above paragraph seems strange to you it is because it has not yet been realized that positive material bodies of white light are but MULTIPLIED thought-bodies — and that negative thought-bodies of black light are but divided material bodies." Russell, Home Study Course

(Q) What do you mean by white light?
(A) "The machine where there is the equalizing of the color vibrations for the vital forces of the body, - which are considered or called the white light treatment." Cayce (1158-19)

Also Undifferentiated Mind, Light.

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