What is God

What Is God? I

by Phineas P. Quimby

What is God? God is the name of that essence that flows from wisdom. It fills all space and contains all the identities of this natural world. Man is created in this essence and formed out of the dust or error of the earthly ideas. Happiness and misery are the invention of the natural or earthly man or ignorance. I will try to illustrate how happiness and misery come into the identity of man. God is not the author of misery, for misery is what follows our belief. To make it plain to our understanding you must suppose yourself ignorant of what I shall illustrate.

I will show the absurdity of this world's wisdom. We all say and believe that God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Now no one supposes that God in these six days was trying experiments, but worked or acted scientifically and after all was accomplished according to his wisdom, he or his wisdom sat down to rest. This rest was called the seventh day and in it he neither worked nor did any thing else. So that man was to do the same. Now let us look at it in a Christian manner and see if we do towards God as we would like that he or any one else should do to us. I labor all the week for the benefit of man's happiness to explain to them the science of health. Now on the Sabbath? I want to rest and I want the privilege of choosing my own amusement. I do not want people coming and laying before me their troubles on that day. The Lord sat down to rest after six days of labor. Man labors all the week for his own selfish ends, for the world's goods and when he cannot make any more money (external link) he is uneasy and unwilling to sit still; he fixes up some place to go to get rid of the day, that annoys him. All those who have been laboring in the vineyard of God or science want that day to rest from their labors. But the wisdom of this world knows nothing of God but, like the foolish virgins, spend all that day knocking at the door of the Lord praying him to listen to their hypocritical story, expecting to learn something on that day so they can have all the rest of the week to serve the Devil in. Now if God is what their ignorance would make Him, where does he get any rest? For they call the seventh day the Lord's and if there is any day in the whole seven when he could not get any rest it is the seventh day. On that day they call on him, laying before him all the fraud and deception, asking him to forgive their sins, without doing anything themselves except to humbly and hypocritically get down on their knees and say over some words which amount to nothing. So you see the wisdom of man is all the time tormenting God according to their creeds.

Now, how do I worship God? In all that I do scientifically, and when I have labored scientifically all the week, I want to rest. So I let God or science rest. So the God I worship is not known in the religious world. If their God sits on the seventh day and listens to their stories, he would become as hard-hearted as a New York judge who sits on Monday and hears the story of the miserable creatures brought from the Tombs to be tried. The Christian's God is placed in just such a place and he is just about as good, for his verdict is governed by public opinion and where he gets the most support. So that money (external link) makes the good Christian and ignorance makes the convert. The rich are saved with money and the ignorant are saved by grace, not by money for they have none. So the rich set up the religion to guide the poor and pay the priest for teaching it; therefore God is not in their week's work, but on Sundays. So if the priests take care of the masses Sunday, the rich will look out for them the rest of the week.

As there are so many kinds of Gods it is necessary for a person to know what kind of a God he worships. There is the God of war and the God of peace, the God of love and the God of hatred. All of these added to the heathen Gods make quite an army of Gods. Now all of these require obedience to their laws; therefore we pray to the God of battle to sustain us while we are fighting battles for his glory, and if ever a hypocrite was sincere, it is the prayer of the murderer who prays to his God to sustain him in his bloody act, then after the act is done returns thanks to his God as though God has sanctioned his bloody deeds. Oh shame! Vain man! This is the wisdom of this world. I have no fault to find, for the God that I worship is not responsible for this world's God. My God is one God the living and true God who is the same today and forever. This God is not the Christian's God. The Christian's God is the God of persecution, envy and malice; he asks tithes and observances, has certain rules and ceremonies, requires long prayers and is very strict. He is very scrutinizing and not one hair of your head can fall to the ground without he sees it. He knows every one of your acts, stands outside them and sees all that you do, rewarding every one according to their acts. This is the Christian's God, but this is not my God. My God is wisdom and has more intelligence. He acts in this way; when I ask my God if it is right to injure another, He asks me what I think about it and says do you think it is right? and lets me answer my own question, my happiness or misery being in the answer. If I should say, is it right to do wrong? He answers, What do you think? Do you not have any power over me? No. Why not? Can you not judge what is right? No. Then you must learn. Suppose I wish to steal. Well, suppose you do. Would that make you any happier? Yes, if I knew you would not punish me. Did I ever punish you? No, not that I know of. Did you ever do anything you knew was wrong? Yes. Did not you feel guilty? Yes. Was not that feeling punishment? Yes. Where did that come from? You, I suppose. No, I never punish any one. Then who does? The one that does wrong. Then I punish myself. Yes, if you are punished at all. Well if all that punishes me is myself, that shall not punish me any more. If you do not punish me why should I punish myself? Because you agree to. How? Do you want me to punish you if you do wrong? No. Then why do you want to do wrong if I do not wish to punish you? Quimby, November 1860

What Is God? II

by Phineas P. Quimby

All nations have a God according to their belief and show their God in their religion. The belief contains no wisdom but is a shadow of something that cannot be seen and is worshipped by man who knows not what it is. This something is what the world of opinions reasons about. The Jews prophesied about it and attached their senses? to it, looking for its coming as for a man of great power who would free them from the Roman yoke. Heathen nations had a vague idea of this something. They incorporated it into their beliefs as a monarch or king, so it has always been in the world or in man's belief, but man knows it not. Language was never invented with the idea that it could be felt or described and to the wise it is a stranger. It has no place in their hearts or in the religious world except as an unexplained mystery. It comes to man's senses but man knows it not. It stands knocking at the door but it is not recognized as having an identity; so it is mocked at, spit upon, hated and despised by all men. Yet it is always the same, calm and unmoved, sympathizing with its friends who are bound down by the opinions of this world's belief.

Now, what is it? It is an invisible wisdom which never can be seen through the eyes of opinion, any more than error can see truth, for when the truth comes the opinion or matter is a shadow of this light or substance that I call something. Again what is it? If I should tell you what it is you would ask for proof, so I will give the proof of it from your own opinions, for opinions always admit but cannot understand it. Opinion is not opinion but this something. Still what is it? It is what never has been acknowledged to have an identity. Then what is it that has been admitted but cannot be seen and yet is not acknowledged to have an identity? Can the reader answer? "Yes, it is God."

I ask, Is God without an identity? You say no. Then it is not God. What then is it? I will try and tell you and bring the opinions of the world to prove my answer. It is a key that unlocks the innermost secrets of the heart in the prison of man's beliefs, and it leads the prisoner who has been bound a captive to health. What is that that you call the key? It is wisdom, not opinions, and this I will prove. Opinions are like a shadow, the substance is God. True wisdom is attached to the substance; false wisdom to the shadow. Language is attached to the shadow, wisdom to the substance; therefore language is not in harmony with wisdom; the discord is in the opinion; the senses are life or wisdom. If the senses are attached to opinion, when opinion is lost, man loses his opinion but saves his life, for his life is his wisdom of self-existence. This life is embodied in our senses and the knowledge of sensation, so if all sensation is dead, life is still life but not active. The sensation is made in this world of matter and all religion is the result of man's opinions. This makes up the Christian and his senses are attached to his opinions.

This something is a knowledge of this wisdom which puts man in possession of a truth that he can explain in another. It does not come to the man of opinions. This shows that every man has two selves, one of knowledge by the natural man, the other by the spiritual man. Here is the proof. The sick will admit that I can tell them how they feel better than they themselves can do. This shows that I know more than they do and also that this wisdom is not known by the natural man. If so it must be superior to his wisdom, and what is it? It must be proved by an admitted fact, for simply telling it would be no proof.

I must make the reader detach his senses from a God of man's belief and attach them to this invisible wisdom which fills all space and whose attributes are all light, all wisdom, all goodness and love, which is free from all selfishness and hypocrisy, which makes or breaks no laws and restrictions but sanctions men's acts according to their belief, right or wrong, without respect to persons. For the natural man is only a shadow of man's wisdom, and if the shadow is from this world of opinions, it will be destroyed when the light of the wisdom of truth comes. But the life will be saved by wisdom and when the senses shall be attached to this wisdom, then shall be brought to pass that saying, "Oh, death! Where is thy sting! Oh, grave! Where is thy victory!" Death is robbed of its victim; the grave gives up its idea of death. Then life rises to that happy state where death, hell, and disease and the torments of existence find no place from whence no traveler ever returns but where man knows himself. This knowledge teaches him that when our senses are attached to opinions of any kind, we become the subject of that opinion and suffer according to the penalty attached to it, unless forgiven or the debt paid by the truth.

This is the new truth spoken of by Jesus; to know this is to have eternal life and the life is the wisdom that can enter the dark prisons of man's mind and find his life imprisoned by the opinions of this world and there hear his groans, feel his sorrows and break the prison walls of his belief and set him free. When a person gets this wisdom and attaches his life to it, then his life is to him a blessing, for it is of use to man. Then he is happiest when relieving those who have fallen into the hands of thieves, been robbed of their substance and imprisoned in a creed, there to languish from the wounds of the priests and doctors till the angel of wisdom or the tide of progress forced along by popular opinions shall beat against the walls of this superstition and break down the medical opinions, lay priest-craft low and overflow the superstitious world with science and good order. Then all men will be judged by what they know, not what they think they know, and all can prove themselves by this standard." Quimby

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