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What is Electricity?
The Essence of Electricity – A Report from Another Dimension

"The appearance of electricity, from a physical world point of view, is how you perceive it. However, if you were to observe from the non-physical, energetic dimension, the following description would be more apt.

"Electricity is a propelling force, latent or not, that removes resistance to phase changes. This may facilitate desired (worldly) outcome, or hinder it. For instance, electricity is used to "do work". Both its use and the effect of its use, as observed in the energetic realm, goes beyond usual perception – into the altered outcomes of energy exchanges. This would include person-to-person vibrational bonds, and many other effects, such as on the body’s bio-energetic communication system.

"From the Spiritual Realm, Steiner spoke of Electricity as a “Fallen Light Ether”. All of Nature begins in the Spiritual Realm, then proceeds through the Energetic Realm and into the Physical. Thus the promise of “Free Energy”; Energy of the Future, must address and redeem the “Fallen”, sub-Natural of Electricity, as it is commonly regarded today.

"Let us regard “Electricity” as you think of it, and “Etheric Force” as what could replace or redeem the “fallen” aspect of Electricity.

"Etheric Force MUST begin in the Spiritual Realm and proceed into Energetic, then Physical dimensions.

"The differences between Electrical Force and Etheric Force are profound and largely untapped. Tesla, Russell and Keely (and a few others) used Etheric Forces. Although they may have referred to these forces as “Electrical”, they were Etheric.

"Since Electricity is Sub-Natural, it cannot fulfil the promise of being a universal servant – it will also serve the forces of entropy and lessened or reduced coherence?. Etheric Force or power sources accomplish the opposite.

"The Dynasphere could provide a workable power source for Etheric Force generation that would “do work” and improve human kind." Dawn Stranges, 07/27/2011

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