Was Keely a Fraud

"What has a man to contend with who undertakes to establish a new science? He has the opposition of all the former opinions of the world in regard to it, and all their influence. He will be misunderstood by fools and misrepresented by knaves, for his science will tear down their fortress or belief and they will use all their skill and deception to defeat their enemy. Their weapon is their tongue, and the tongue of a hypocrite is of all weapons the most deadly to truth: for it can assume the voice form of an angel while it is sapping your very life's blood from your soul. Its life and happiness are its own torment. Ever since the world began, science has had this enemy to contend with, and some very hard battles have been fought before error would leave the field." Dr. P. P. Quimby

Was Keely a Fraud? Absolutely not!
People ask me all the time about the "discovery" of compressed air pipes and tubing in Keely's lab. I get tired of this question. (Does anyone ever do their own research or do they simply defer to the so-called "experts" or whoever is passing themselves off as "experts"?) Beware if the rampant yellow journalism of that time period. There were a number of factors, facts and conjectures playing upon this supposed "discovery". Let's list some of them:
  • "It has been very generally thought that Keely is pursuing the ignis fatuus of perpetual motion. No greater mistake could have been made. The genuineness of his claims as a discoverer rests upon a correct answer to the question, "Is hydrogen gas an element or a compound?"" [Bloomfield-Moore, Progressive Science]
  • "Professors Brinton and Koenig, of the University of Pennsylvania, and Professor Tuttle?, a Baltimore physicist, tested the force handled by Keely and pronounced it to be neither electricity nor magnetism nor compressed air." [see A New Creed]
  • Every work shop of any consequence has all kinds of pipes and tubes in the walls, ceiling and floors. These conduct water, compressed air, various gases and fluids, vacuum, electricity, etc. to name a few. What, factually, was being conveyed in the 'discovered tubing'?
  • Frauds and con-artists, by definition, are lazy. A lazy person would not spend 30 years of hard labor building this impressive list of machines and instruments or lay claim to a staggering list of discoveries and accomplishments.
  • Keely developed his Etheric Vapor (various kinds of plasma) which he would have wanted to be available at many points in his shop just as we develop compressed air and vacuum and want it available around the shop. He would have installed pipes and tubes for this distribution to work stations just as we do today.
  • Bloomfield-Moore's son, Clarence, was notoriously petulant, spoiled, jealous and envious of all the funds and support his mother lavished upon Keely thus reducing his coveted inheritance. My opinion of Clarence was he did not like his mother as they had ongoing feuds mostly over money. He sued is own mother in a vain attempted to have her declared insane or incompetent so he could secure the family fortune. So was his "discovery" of the tubing an act of spite or personal (egoic) triumph over his strong willed Mother?
  • The origin of the fraud story began with Clarence teamed up with the Scientific American magazine and The New York Times, both owned and controlled by the monopolists of that time. I find it difficult to believe otherwise intelligent individuals would believe the yellow journalism of these suspiciously motivated parties working in cahoots over and above their own research and thought processes. Seems the world changes but gullibility does not. [See false gods]
  • Much of the information we have today about Keely and his work came from uneducated reporters of questionable motives. As Keely developed a unique form of quantum mechanics and science there was not a single reporter who had the slightest idea of what Keely was working. The quantum world Keely discovered and developed was his alone - the electron, first discovered entity of the quantum world, was not acknowledged to exist until 1893 - well after Keely's researches into the causitive structure of electrons and electricity. So who could have written accurately about anything Keely did - even if they wanted to? The legitimate scientists and engineers who examined Keelys Machines (external link) all stated they were genuine and without fraud. So which are you going to believe - the uneducated sensationalist reporters or the studied and preceptive scientists and engineers? It is a well known fact of human (egoic) nature it is far easier to vilify, deny, invalidate, calumniate and condemn someone they do not understand than to put forth effort to understand them or to admit their own ignorance. This deplorable attitude and small-mindedness continues today...
  • See 19.07 - A Modern Wizard The Keely Motor And Its Inventor wherein the compressed air claim is thoroughly debunked.
  • Keely implied his work was not for that time period so he and others made efforts to hide or safe-guard his work for a distant future. A way to do this was to sacrifice himself to look like a "humbug" so his work would be ignored. Is this true or not? The future will tell.
"These instruments are carefully concealed by wise masters from all persons save the few who are already prepared to study their potency with the exclusive end in view of aiding the real scientific progress of humanity; and, furthermore, it may be truly stated that a ferocious sensualist, however powerful his intellect, would be utterly unable to either comprehend or operate one of these marvelous constructions." [Keely, See Dashed Against the Rock]
  • I concur with the idea humanity is not yet ready for SVP. Some bits and pieces, yes, but not the whole of it. Especially not the Mind Force (scalar) implications and applications. Until and unless a more developed mind-set or consciousness prevades all of society this knowledge will simply not be absorbed by Mankind and reflected in his environment and machinery. We see governments devoting large percentages of their people's money into weapons and killing their own populations and neighbors and little into raising up those they claim to represent and serve. This insane state of affairs will only reverse as humanity awakens its consciousness - which on the other hand we do now see just beginning to happen with the advent and use of the internet.
  • Additional insights to be added later. See [Eye Witness Accounts, Keely Supported by Eminent Men of Science]

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein

It appears there are certain personality types that believe and promote the false idea Keely was a fraud:
  1. Those too lazy to do their own research.
  2. Those who unquestioningly believe whatever they're told by whatever source.
  3. Those who have fragile egos and cannot admit they don't know everything and there is someone smarter.
  4. Those who go along, with non-controversy, just to get along.
  5. Those who are afraid of controversy.
  6. Those who revel in and love hurting others (bullies).
  7. Those too afraid, unwilling or unable to think for themselves.
  8. Those too afraid, unwilling or unable to do their own research.
  9. Those too afraid, unwilling or unable to look up definitions of new words and terms.
  10. Those who have been taught it is wrong to think for themselves.
  11. Those promoting agendas as in preserving the status quo or some power and control structure.
  12. Small-minded mean people who demonize, vilify, alienate and persecute anyone "different" than they perceive themselves to be.
  13. Those who are jealous, in denial, fear the unknown, hate, ignorant and covetous.
  14. Those who fear peer pressure (opinions of others) more than they love truth.
  15. Those who have been taught to never ever get out of the box.
  16. Those who have been taught it is wrong to get out of the box.
  17. Those who are afraid to get/look outside of the box.
The list can go on and on but you get the picture.

Let's not forget such 'respected experts' as Isaac Azimov (and countless others) said Nikola Tesla was a fraud. Can you believe it? Beware of so-called 'experts'.

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