Vril Force

January 10, 1996
Q: DALE: What is Vril Force?

A: KEELY: Vril Force is a real entity. I say entity instead of force because it has a consciousness more than most other forces and is very refined and can be powerful. Its appearance into the earth realm is not to become manifest for some time. However, it may be "entertained" as a hypothetical entity at times in history. At this time and with your present work, it is not advised that you pursue the venture of any more than a description about Vril Force. The accounting in previous times is quite apt. It is most definitely real, but its fine points are not to be common knowledge for a time yet. Rest assured that your query about it will be addressed at a later time in different circumstances. Do not perceive this answer as reflecting on your suitability or readiness; these are not at issue. I am sure you can understand the directives which are intended to guide evolution toward a more enlightened stance.

Q: DALE: How does it relate to SVP & Keely's work?

A: KEELY: There are vibrational explanations; indeed those conversant with my work or the study of vibrational physics would better understand Vril Force than the orthodox souls. The relationship between Vril and the Musical Sphere are not crucial, although there is some overlap, as always.

Q: DALE: Is there a technical word for it? How does it relate to Ether, Quarks & Gluons?

A: KEELY: More later.

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