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The role of the sci-meta project (external link) is the merging of science concepts with spiritual teaching. How can we understand ourselves, if we never allow our hearts and minds to experience the true essence of the unknown. We only ever see half of the story, one side of the coin or only one perspective and limit ourselves to the whole message available. When we embrace a whole understanding of a concept, then a new paradigm can mix with our previous understanding to create a new picture. Only then can we pull the wool up from over our eyes that society places there to blind us from the truth.

Take the pioneering work of Marcel Vogel for example, he was a scientific researcher into luminescence?, worked for 27 years with IBM and amongst his many patents his magnetism research developed credit cards. His life changed in 1969 when he replicated the experiments of polygraph expert Cleve Backster? into the responsiveness of plants to human interaction. Discovering the psychic link between plants and humans was real as seen recorded as a squiggle on the script chart recorder. The new concept of thinking created a pathway into researching psychic transducers and how intention can be transferred. Using this platform began a new passion of researching what he had seen in a dream of using the Kabbala: the tree of life pattern cut into a crystal to direct energy. The Vogel cut crystal or Vogel crystal as it was named amplifies ones psychic energy like a laser and directs the intention energy to a target.

The real world practical applications for this ranged from healing illness or injury, human thought transfer via intentions, imprinting consciousness on an object, manipulating matter as seen in water molecules becoming structured and speeding up the aging process in wine that can aid the industry. The device consisted of a programmed Vogel crystal and a stainless steel pipe spiraled in a clockwise position. Passing liquids in rings around the crystal positioned in the centre of the stainless tube would imbue amazing properties in the liquid and only took 1-4 passes around the crystal to create a critical change that is required for information transfer to occur. This program transfer is a resonance transfer with no loss in the original information even after hundreds of tests have been done with the system. Water is transformed to become a permanent magnet. This field remains constant after the water stops spinning and if needed could be removed with a bulk demagnetizer.

This type of experimentation ranged from measured the spectrum changes to light interactions in the water molecules discovering two more were now clearly visible, the gauss strength of the magnetic field now induced in the structured water and the distance of the valence bonds measured in angstroms in the samples had increased. Why this is so important to understand is because the act of projecting psychic energy has real observable power on objects and can be measured by scientific instruments. The future applications will be profound when we are ready to embrace these technological concepts into society on a large scale, understand these concepts with further research, how the psychic energy of intentions can be projected and what this can change for mankind.

This is the type of research is my inspiration that defines merging science and metaphysics to bring about a new paradigm shift in ones thinking. I will endeavor to experiment with Marcel’s concepts and utilize Vogel crystals to replicate his awesome discoveries in the not too distant future. We are interviewing guests about topics like this on our radio show, the spirit of science on inspire.fm. Follow the links to access the podcasts on the website, http://sci-meta.com/radio-show-on-inspire-fm/ (external link)

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