Violation of quasi-neutrality

Quasi-neutrality is violated by, for example, charged particle beams (jets) and double layers, though the containing plasma as a whole will still maintain charge neutrality, but local regions may not. [see depolar, neutral]

The magnitude of the size of the violation of quasi-neutrality is typically a few 10s times the Debye length. In other words, if the Debye length for a particular plasma is about 1cm, then charge separation regions around 10 - 20 cm may occur.

But note that while the distance between two charge separation regions may be quite small, the overall size of each each region may be enormous. For example, the jet emerging from the galaxy M87, has been estimated to be 5400 light-years long. http://www.plasma-universe.com/index.php/Quasi-neutrality (external link)

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