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Vibratory Microscope

"Again, in 1888, before he was taken to a felon's cell in Moyameusing Prison by decree of Judge Finletter for alleged contempt of court, he broke up his vibratory microscope, his sympathetic transmitter, and other instruments, which have taken much of his time since to reconstruct." from Keely and Science - Part 2

"Mr. Keely is his own worst enemy. When suspected of fraud he acts as if he were a fraud; and in breaking up his vibratory microscope and other instruments which he had been years in perfecting, at the time he was committed to prison in 1888, he laid himself open to the suspicion that his instruments are but devices with which he cunningly deceives his patrons. Yet these same instruments he has, since their reconstruction, dissected and explained to those who approached him in the proper spirit. It is only when he has been subjected to insulting suspicious by arrogant scientists that he refuses to explain his theories, and to demonstrate their truth, as far as it is in his power to do so." from Leidy and Wilcox Visit Keelys Lab

"A building, pyramidal in shape, two hundred feet high, one hundred feet at the base, and having at the apex a disc with a minute aperture in its center, and a triple combination of reflectors, which must concentrate upon one center which must be focalized upon the minute aperture in the disc, - the image being received at the base of the pyramid upon a white surface prepared to receive it, - would yield results beyond the dreams of the most sanguine astronomer of the present day. The distinctness of the image taken would be the most wonderful part of the phenomenon, and the size of the magnification? would be limited only to the diameter of the base of the pyramid?. This probably explains the great Egyptian pyramid, with its circular opening through its center and cavity at the bottom. The apparatus from its summit has probably been destroyed during some of the many ravages to which the land of strange vicissitudes has so frequently been subjected. The Great Pyramid proves that, among the ancient Egyptians, the knowledge of astronomy was amazingly great, although they need not necessarily have known of the modern telescope to have obtained it. The almost impossible labor of making lenses is done away with in this system, which embraces also a microscope on a similar principle without lenses?, far superior to anything now in use." from Pyramids Telescopes and Light (underline added)

NOTE: Are these the "triple combination of reflectors"?
6.6 - Cube Corner Retroreflectors
Corner Cube Retro-Reflectors
Corner cube retroreflectors
Figure 6.11 - Cube Corner Reflectors Dissipating and Concentrating

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