Three-node transmitter.

"Transmitting the order of sympathetic atomic vibration through a three-node transmitter (Trextrinar) induces interatomic percussion resulting in triple atomic subdivision not by oscillation of the atoms across their diameter but by infinite acceleration of the atomic film or etheric capsule, and at the same time permitting the extension of atomic vibration far enough to set free the gaseous atomic element (plasma). (This last must refer to the force generated by multiplication of vibratory frequencies in the Trexar as used with the different node combinations. This disintegration Keely claimed was caused chiefly by accelerating the atomic envelope.) The Snell Manuscript (external link)

"Transmitting vibrations of the atomic order through? a three-node transmitter (Trextrinar) produces infinite acceleration of the atomic film and thereby ruptures the capsule, permitting the escape of the gaseous atomic element." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

"Vibrations of the atomic order, transmitted through the Trextrinar will so accelerate the atomic film or capsule that it ruptures itself and liberates the atomic gaseous element from the molecules. By this means it should be possible to measure the velocity of the atomic etheric envelope." [MEASURING THE VELOCITY OF THE ETHERIC CAPSULE]

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