cps range (gamut)
Sound Type
Sound Effect
Sound Action
Vibe Type
Governing Law
? - ?
Atoms Oscillate
4,398,046,511,104 / 1.8014398509482E+19
Atoms Oscillate
2,097,152 / 4,294,967,296,000
Internal Vibrations
1... 1,048,576

[see Law of Transformation of Forces for explanation of this Table]

[1] see Subdivision

[NOTE: 06/29/13; CPS needs to be recalculated]

"Keely says "When the ether flows from a tube the negative center represents molecular subdivision and carries interstitially between the molecules the lowest order of liberated ozone. This is the first order of ozone, wonderfully refreshing and vitalizing to breathe. The second or atomic order ozone, releases a much higher grade of ozone, too pure for inhalation, for it produces insensibility. The third or etheric order of ozone is used in the carbon register to produce the high vibratory circuit which breaks up cohesion - which I recognize as molecular magnetism."

"Keely demonstrated to his own satisfaction that progressive subdivision evolves new and distinct elements "too multiple to enumerate." But he was not primarily interested in transmutation, and so intent was he on unlocking the vast storehouse of Nature's illimitable energy that he did not give the deeper significance of the transmutation going on in his disintegratory sphere, more than a passing thought. When cleaning out his sphere which he had used for some time in the disintegration of water, he found a gummy substance, which was tested, either by himself or some one else, in a flame and the emitted spectrum examined. Whoever did the testing claimed that the lines of nitrogen were present, but in the comparatively crude knowledge of that day, they would have been unable to recognize even an isomer? of oxygen or nitrogen, not to speak of an absolutely new element of gaseous form. Professor Crookes, on hearing the published news that Keely had discovered nitrogen in his disintegratory sphere, practically called Keely an impostor and ridiculed the possibility of obtaining nitrogen even, from hydrogen and water. But how prophetically has radium?, the wonder element, changed the minds of the "scientific" generation that ridiculed Keely! Under the eyes that cannot doubt because they cannot fail to see the phenomena of radium? that come within the ken of their puny intellects, this element, which belongs to the heaviest group in the Periodic Table, together with Uranium and two others which exist but are unknown, are commencing their long, long journey back to the source from which they originally came, Wanderers to the very outermost frontiers of the Objective Reality, having accomplished the utmost possible individuality possible to the imprisoned Will in Matter, they have heard the call of the Voice which bids them return. The ancient prophecy that the earth will be destroyed by fire is being accomplished under our very observation and the disintegration of radium? is only the beginning of the conflagration that shall light our earth to a flame that shall be seen as far as Sirius?, the Dog Star. This will take untold milleniums to accomplish, and in the meantime Man will loose the grossness and materiality that marks his present day character and will become ethereal in substance, so that he will survive as a Being of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Dimensions, until he has accomplished the uttermost possible Universality in the other swing of the Cosmic Pendulum to the other Pole of Existence, the realization of the Inner Reality. Together with Transmutation of Matter comes the Transmutation of the Soul." The Snell Manuscript (external link), TRANSMUTATION BY SYMPATHETIC VIBRATION

"Moray makes reference to transmutation technology in several places. The process of transmutation was described as "...not a case of splitting the atom, but merely of addition, multiplication, division and subtraction of the combinations of the atoms, but not the breaking into the chain of the universe. It is plain evolution of matter and evolution of forces, and there is no need in highly over estimating the accomplishment under misinterpretation of the facts". [from Radiant Energy, compiled for the Layman in 1926 1945 &1946 by T. Henry Moray]

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