Totality of You

"When I [Christ] speak of the totality of you, that totality encompasses all that is within the realm of Creation and that is expressed by everything you now determine to be a separate entity; a plant, a tree, another person, a cloud, a planet, a star. It is all you in the greater sense of You, because what is You in the greater sense is God, is Creation, is all that exists, has ever existed and ever will be. This is God. This is the universe, and this is all Love. It is only when you believe that this description that I have presented is not enough, that you begin to perceive that there are other things which you must add to it, and in that attempt, you break down the life force into things that are more easily comprehended by your intellect, more easily comprehended by those things which are preesented to you by your physical senses. It is only when you allow yourself to let go of that need that you will remember the experience of who you are." Dialogue on Awakening, page 216-217 (external link)

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