The Keely Motor Completed


PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 28, 1883. - The Directors of the Keely Motor Company held their regular monthly meeting to-night at the offices of the corporation, in Walnut-street, above Ninth. President Randell, Treasurer Green, Secretary Schullermann, and Trustees Baldwin and Smith attended. The finances of the concern were said to be in a satisfactory condition. The monster engine was officially declared to be finished, and it was also declared that it would he ready for operation about the first week of September. It was announced that a final inspection of the machine by the Trustees would be made to-morrow forenoon, at which all stockholders were invited to be present. Treasurer Green was exceedingly hopeful, and declared that the day of Mr. Keely's vindication was very close at hand. A Philadelphia Times reporter met young Mr. Boekel during the day, and he admitted specifically that the elder Boekel had not yet been introduced to the mysteries of the motor by Mr. Keely; that the inventor kept delaying matters by telling the expert that he could explain to him the curious mechanism after its completion in less than two hours. This he had not done yet, because the engine had not reached that final and highly desirable stage. Applications for passage on the first Keely train for New-York have already begun to pour in from all parts of the country.

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