The Columbian January 12-1899

Knows Keely's Secret.

Joseph Repetti, an expert Vineland machinist and inventor, claims to be the only living man in possession of the Keely motor secret. The secret, he says, did not die with Keely. Repetti believes himself to be the only person to whom Keely ever showed his complete motor, and as he took an oath never to divulge the secret, he has not yet convinced himself that his obligation was dissolved through Mr. Keely's death.

Repetti is a Mason, of excellent standing in the local lodge, and a highly respected citizen, whose veracity and capabilities are well known in Vineland. Repetti says he can build another motor just like Keely's, which the company has, since the originators death, placed in the hands of T. B. Kinrade, a Boston scientist, to work out.

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