The Advocacy of Marcel Vogel

The Advocacy of Marcel Vogel

By Jerry Snider and Richard Daab

Courtesy of Magical Blend Magazine Copyright 1986

What would happen if the elusive proof of "psychic energy" was finally established once and for all? What changes would occur in our culture if science suddenly became as unyielding in its bid for understanding as it has previously been in its demand for proof? Would such proof be enough to awaken a sleeping nation to the knowledge that it has been shortchanging itself by confusing partial disability with full potential? And finally: Will we ever see the day when even the hardened skeptic casually accepts as fact that his mind alone is sufficient to heal him of his illness, and that the foundation upon which his reality is built consists of a grid of intention and assumption?

If Marcel Vogel is correct, we may soon find out whether such a scenario will emerge. According to Vogel, the first step - the proof - is not far away. And when if comes, he says, it will come from PRI, his research laboratory in San Jose.

Not only is Vogel sincere in his claim, he is confident - very, very confident - the kind of confidence it takes to convince Stanford University, IBM, and the Arthritis Foundation to donate sophisticated scientific instruments to him in his effort "to prove that science and metaphysics are intrinsically compatible."

And Marcel Vogel has good reason to be confident as he looks back at a distinguished array of careers that include: chemist, manufacturer, inventor, and scientist.

But in the final analysis, it is not his achievements that give Vogel his confidence. Rather, both achievement and confidence spring from a much more basic source - faith. A devout, though iconoclastic, Catholic, Marcel Vogel's faith is part and parcel of his process. Says Vogel, "I totally subscribe and believe that whatever you ask for in prayer, and you mean it, will be given to you. Ask and you will know; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened. These are the three statements that Christ gave, and I have put them into practice all of my life."

Recalling a turning point that occurred early in his life, Vogel says, "As a young man I would go to mass and I would sit and meditate on why I was alive: What was the purpose of my existence? What was I to do with my life? And I meditated on that from the time I was six until I was eleven. Finally, one morning after a mass, a voice spoke within me, and it said: "You will be a chemist - a phosphor chemist. You will write a book on luminescence. You will build your own corporation, and then you will do fundamental work on phosphors."
So, at eleven years of age Marcel Vogel got a chemistry set, which a year later, he had parlayed into a complete laboratory. What had begun as a childhood fascination with fireflies was propelled by faith into the discovery, at the tender age of eleven, of a synthetic chemical compound, which produced a chemi-luminescence that matched the light of the firefly. Well before the advent of fluorescent lamps, Vogel had produced a set of phosphors, which produced light in a tubular form.

Following the lead of his original vision, Vogel entered the University of San Francisco to study phosphor chemistry only to find that there was no established course of instruction. So, Vogel proceeded to teach himself by studying the available information, which he found primarily in translations of German scientific publications. In 1940 Vogel met Dr. Peter Pringsheim, a German refugee who was a professor at the University of California. It was with Dr. Pringsheim that Vogel completed his schooling. Two years later Vogel and Pringsheim published the book that Vogel's vision had foretold. The Luminescence of Liquids and Solids and Their Practical Applications has since gone through three editions and was translated into German in 1950.

Vogel met the second requirement of his vision in 1944, when he established The Vogel Luminescent Corp. which developed, among other things, the red hue used in color televisions as well as fluorescent inks, paints powders. In collaboration with Ralph Flores and Dan Johnson, Vogel developed a magnetic coating for IBM's hard disks, which is still used by that company today.

In the mid-1950's, Vogel sold his company and went to work for IBM full-time where his research was concentrated on pioneering innovations in magnetics, optic-electrical devices and liquid crystal systems. When Vogel retired from IBM after 27 years to form Psychic Research, Inc., his not-for-profit corporation devoted to the study of energies most often labeled "metaphysical," he has accumulated over 100 patents.

Marcel Vogel's "transformation," as he put it, "from a rational scientist to a spiritual scientist" began at IBM during preparation for a course he was giving to fellow employees on "Creativity." While preparing the course, he came upon two intriguing articles about Cleve Backster's work with plants, one in Argosy Magazine entitled, "Do Plants Have Emotions?," and the other in Popular Electronics which included a wiring diagram for a device which could measure chemically-induced electrical reactions from plants.

What Vogel discovered from early experimentation was that his instruments measured even greater response from plants when he thought about burning, tearing, or uprooting them than when he actually did so.

Further experimentation led to even more astonishing results: Picking three leaves from an elm, Vogel laid them side-by-side on a glass plate at his home. Each day he spent a few minutes concentrating on two of the leaves - sending them love, and thoughts of well-being - - while ignoring the third. After a week, the leaf he ignored was brown and shriveled, while the only noticeable difference from the plants he communed with from the day he picked them was that the stems actually appeared to be healing.

Additional experimentation revealed that through thought alone he found he could make a plant register up to 8,000 miles away. In one experiment, he wired two plants to the same recording device. He pulled a leaf from one plant and found that the second plant responded to the injury of the first, but only if he was paying attention to it. It appeared to be his own mental responses he was recording through the plants, as if the plants were mirroring his own consciousness. Vogel was convinced that the experiments were revealing to him a method of storing energy - subtle, psychic energy. The plants were behaving like batteries for his own thoughts and intentions.

Of this period in his life, Vogel says, "It finally taught me the lessons that I needed to learn. There is energy connected with thought. When one pulses one's thought, that energy becomes coherent, and the coherency of thought has the power of a laser."

After extensive experimentation using a plant connected to a Wheatstone Bridge as a measuring device (which measures electrical resistance by comparing a known resistance to an unknown resistance), Vogel learned that when the breath is released slowly in a natural way, the instrumentation showed little activity. But by holding the breath and releasing it in a sudden burst - a pulsing of breath from the nostrils - the charge was consolidated and took on a laser-like quality. The needle measuring the activity would practically go off the chart. He further discovered that distances of 10, 20, and even 100 feet did not lessen the charge. Apparently, he had overcome the inverse square law (the square of distance inversely proportional to the influence of two bodies acting on one another) and was witnessing a new type of energy transformation. And breath, it seemed, was the key.

Of the two distinct polarities involved in breathing, inhalation draws a charge into the body, while exhalation discharges an opposite polarity. Scientifically, inhalation draws oxygen in to the blood forming oxyhemoglobin, and exhalation releases carbon dioxide. But on an esoteric level, Vogel believes that inhalation also draws in Prana (Ki, Chi') - the Life Force, while exhalation releases the power of thought. And, indeed, it is difficult to argue that, at least, the expression of our thoughts is accomplished through exhalation. If you doubt this, just try and carry on a conversation while only inhaling.

Vogel's work with plants made him something of a celebrity, landing him speaking engagements and appearances on television as well as a detailed overview of his work in the popular 1973 book, The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. But, though he was as yet unaware of it, he was now ready to move on to a totally new area of study - the myth-enshrouded lore of crystals and the effect they have on human consciousness.

Although he had been involved in extensive research with liquid crystals, Vogel's first encounter with natural quartz did not come until 1974 after a lecture he gave on his research with plants to the Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles. After the lecture, he was approached by a woman who introduced herself as Dr. McKistry. She told him that she had in her possession quartz crystals which had the peculiarity of vibrating when they were held in the hand.

Though unimpressed with the notion, Vogel agreed to accept a sample to experiment with. When the crystal arrived at his laboratory in San Jose, Vogel found that Dr. McKistry's excitement was more than justified. As he remembers, "I took the crystal that she had sent me, held it in my hand, drew my breath in, and happened to point the crystal at a friend of mine, Chuck McNosa. As I pulsed my breath, a charge went through that crystal and into this man. His head went back and he went into an altered state of consciousness. That was my first encounter with a crystal. I said, "This is for the birds. I want nothing to do with it."

Although he initially resisted working with the crystal, he eventually overcame his hesitancy, and has focused on quartz crystal research ever since. Research, which Vogel describes as a "back-breaking journey of struggle."

After working with natural crystals, Vogel soon found their limitations. They did not sufficiently cohere the field that comes from the mind and body of a person. He felt that by cutting and faceting natural quartz, he could amplify the potential information storage capacity. Offering the analogy of a ruby, Vogel explains the value of cutting and faceting: "A natural ruby (aluminum oxide chromium) is just a nondescript piece of stone, but put it on a faceting machine and facet it, and you produce a gem. Now, go one step further. Take that same ruby, carefully cut it and polish it into a cylinder, put booster windows on it so that light pumped into it is reflected back and forth and you have a laser - a ruby laser. Pump energy into that laser and the amplified energy that is produced can cut a diamond or drill a hole through steel. It is the same light, but it is amplified. The same thing is true with these crystals. Nature has created the basic structure, but man forms it into a pattern that is for his purpose and use."

Vogel decided that if he were to continue working with quartz crystals, he would have to devise a means of amplifying and focusing their energy field in order to properly measure it. Though extensive research led to little available technical data, Vogel was not deterred. He had, after all, encountered difficulties in his early work with luminescence. This was not the first time he had to throw himself into a rigorous process of self-education. In order to find the information he needed, Vogel followed the same process which he had used successfully in his laboratory work: "I ask questions, I write the in a notebook. I meditate on them, and above all I go to Mass and I pray to have clear understanding and insight as to what I am to do."

He emphasizes the importance of "letting go" of expectations, which he insists only limit progress. "The goal," he says, "is to be childlike. Christ said, 'Suffer the little children to come unto Me for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.' Well, what is the kingdom of heaven? It's that which is in you and me. It's a release of time and space. It is the atonement with the eternal now.

"When I work in the childlike state," he says, " I detach from time. I just become absorbed in what is, and when that is done, I draw my breath in and reset and sit down and look at it with my faculties which means all the information storage I've got in my brain - the sensory faculties that I've developed and I ask myself, 'What have I learned? How can I apply it? What do I need to do to measure it?' Then I go to work. There's no conflict. It's just that we don't overlap the two faculties simultaneously, otherwise you've drawn a distorted viewpoint of what we call reality. You're fighting with two different factors. One has no time and space. In the other we create time by linking with our mind into an object and observe it in a systematic and progressive way. I do the same thing at the microscope, and I've really learned over the twenty-seven years of working with the microscope now to move into both dimensions. I first set up the camera and equipment so I have the light sources exactly the way I want. Once that is achieved, I look at the object I'm studying and I ask, 'What am I to see in this?' Then I let my imagination go. And I start to adjust the equipment as if I were in a "dream state."

It was just such a "dream state" that produced the answer to Vogel's search for the best way to cut and facet quartz: "One morning I awoke, and in my waking state I saw this shape. It appeared as - you might call it a dream or a vision. It stood in front of my mind's eye and it remained that way for minutes, not just a fraction of a second. No words. Nothing. Just the image. And though I knew nothing about the Kabbalah, what I was seeing was the Tree Of Life."

With his riddle solved, the hard work of technically bringing it into physical form began. It took him one year to cut and grind a crystal to the ratio and proportions of the Tree Of Life. By the end of that year, he had produced from natural quartz a precision instrument capable of converting a charge not found in the electromagnetic spectrum into a frequency, which could be observed and measured from an electrical standpoint - in other words a "step-down transformer" that transduces subtle psychic energies into a scientifically measurable field.

This measurement is accomplished by using ultraviolet spectrophotometry to determine the charge of vibratory rate of water. (A spectrophotometer is an optical instrument used for measuring and comparing the intensities of light or other radiation separated according to wavelength, frequency or energy.)

Bulk water, which is the plain or "lifeless" water that is piped from underground sources or deep reservoirs, has its own unique characteristics. But when a crystal is charged and bulk water is spun around the crystal, the water draws the charge from the crystal, and when this "structured" water is measured, the charge shows up as a new set of bands in the ultra violet region between three and four thousand angstrom units (a unit of one-hundred millioneth of a centimeter used in measuring the length of light waves) that did not appear in the bulk water itself. Says Vogel, "There's a whole new absorption band of water developed from just transferring a thought from the crystal into the water. These are permanent changes, meaning that I can take this water one day, one week, or one month later and I will see the same spectrum."

What Vogel discovered after ten years of study was that the 4-, 6-, and 8-sided, double-terminated crystal he had fashioned from his vision of the Tree Of Life, resonates or vibrates at the same rate as water itself. This is important, says Vogel, because "Water is the staff of life, and when you cut and attune a crystal to the water molecule, you have then the primary channel of communication, of going into the bloodstream which is essentially water and injecting the vibration or pattern that the body needs for rebuilding, restructuring and reforming what is required within it.

"The major discovery that we made in our laboratory in San Jose is that you can take a crystal, charge it, get it oscillating and then mentally put a program in the crystal of what you want. It can be the love that is within your heart. It can be a Bach Flower Remedy, a homeopathic remedy or other form of medication. This vibration, now in the crystal, can be directly transferred to water.

"Water," says Vogel, "is the medicine of the future. We speak of vital water; we speak of holy water; we may speak of Lourdes water; we speak of sacred springs. Each one of these statements I find to be true. When I have studied waters from various sacred locales, I find a structure in that water which is unique from the bulk water. I got a sample from a sacred spring in Hungary, and it exhibits an energy level that transcends anything I have ever seen anywhere. I take one drop of that water and put it in my reverse osmosis water, and all of the water takes the charge which was in the original drop of the Hungarian water."

"What we are seeing is the backbone of a whole new science and technology. In the future, we will take water and program it to have the health-giving qualities we want."

Vogel has found that the energy of mind projected through a crystal will structure water as if it were frozen into ice noting that, "in the process of crystallization into ice, water exhibits all of the patterns of the crystallographic world." There are seven major crystallographic classes that we know of in nature and all can be formed in ice crystals. "It is," says Vogel "the personification in a single bit of matter of All That Is."

When structured with mind and thought through a crystal, water (unlike ice) remains in a fluid state. According to Vogel, "an analogous pattern is built in space to receive by vibrational means, by resonance transfer, the energy that is contained in the crystal." What happens is that the structuring of water builds a localized stretching of the hydrogen atom. "When you stretch something," he says "you increase the energy. Increase the spin and you build up energy potential. When water is structured with thought it remains fluid but structured. It is organized; it is holding information, and it takes only a minute additional charge to release its energy. So, when you excite the water molecule and increase the stretch, it can give to you in your body: light as a photon in the ultra violet region; it can give up energy as heat, and it can vibrate and give you sound."

Light, heat and sound - these are the information transports of nature. Could it be, Vogel wondered, that the healing qualities attributed to shamanistic drums used this process of nature to drive an energy field into the bloodstream? Experiments revealed that the beating of a drum does indeed structure water. "When you combine the beat of a drum with the crystal," he says "an additional set of bands appear in the Spectrophotometer. A whole additional code of information is created. Your whole body is structured when you deal with these shamanistic drums."

Much earlier, in 1961, Vogel discovered that he could grow crystals precisely when he applied sound to them. When he found the note for a particular class of crystals he wished to grow and sounded the note, the crystal grew perfectly. " I got magnificent single crystals with all of the faces developed and in exact pattern of symmetry and form. There is something beyond pure vibration, and I call this the soul of the crystal. It is an initiation of a life force to bring matter into being. That is where sound comes in. It is an initiatory process. When you sound the right note, the crystal starts beating in a symmetrical form and the unit cells drop into place and starts to build the spiral of a lifeform of the crystal."

To Vogel the growing of a crystal is nothing short of a miraculous hinting at a "shadow form" or inherent blueprint of matter that reflects the words of Genesis: "We speak of man being made to the image and likeness of God. We can see that in action when you grow crystals. I've grown thousands of them. It's the most exciting thing you can involve yourself with." This process involves developing a seed crystal by letting matter go into a state of solution. Salt (which is a crystal) is dissolved in water. When it is in solution it is clear and transparent.

Light will pass through it with distortion except the normal refraction from the glass vessel in which it is contained. The water is then evaporated until a state of super saturation is reached which means that the sodium chloride molecules moving around in the water are getting closer and closer together. Finally super-saturation is reached and the molecules begin to bump. The free space has been reduced and they hit, they fuse. They lock into place and precipitation - a falling out of solution - is reached. When they fall out of solution that is precipitation, it is a polycrystal (poly meaning many different directions). Next, a polycrystalline particle is mounted on the tip of a silver or copper wire, and is put into a saturated solution. Says Vogel, "These molecules are now jiggling together, but they're not bumping or crowding into each other. The moment you put that crystal in, the outer face of the crystal dissolves and suddenly a remarkable thing takes place: From that melt of the crystal, an information has been transported to the fluid to say, 'I am ready to grow into the form I am to be.' It releases a consciousness. And then, as you hold your temperature constant, the thing will start to accrete one unit cell at a time.

"A crystal is an assemblage of molecules which form a unit cell of its identity in space, and from that unit cell a consciousness is given to it. Once that consciousness enters that unit cell, it draws to itself the replication of its image."

While the unit cell of sodium chloride is cubic (four-sided), quartz has a hexagonal (six-sided) form. Quartz grows in a right-handed spiral from the nucleating site of a small trace of silica. As the spiral emerges, the quartz terminates to form a face. This process continues until its "memory" is realized, and all six faces are formed. This is the completion of the crystal's growth. Says Vogel, "It has come to the end of its life. Its work is done, and it's time to move on. It leaves its shell - the remnants of its growth - what we call quartz crystal.

To put life back into the crystal, you need but breathe on it. Breath initiates the vibrating, oscillating action that brought the crystal into being. This is a very important statement because a crystal, by itself, runs down. The energy fades and one then must reinvigorate it or recharge the battery.

"The first step that one goes through is to clear the crystal from previous vibrations or, when just in storage, the vibrations accreted onto the crystal. This is done, by holding the tips of the crystal in one's hand between the thumb and the middle finger. One takes two fingers from the other hand and places them on two opposite faces, draws ones breath in and pulses the breath out through the nostrils. You then go on to the other pair of faces and do the same thing. This is true of the crystal cut to four sides. If the crystal has been cut with more faces, one does it for each pair. The crystal is now clear. We can measure this clarity with the instrumentation that we have in the laboratory, and find only the fundamental vibration of the crystal, which is 454.

The next phase is to take the crystal in your hand and roll it. It's like a stater in a magnet motor, and when you rotate the stater, you induce a charge in the crystal. You rotate the crystal with the operating (larger) tip facing up and the smaller angle facing down. The rotation is clockwise, to the right, until you feel the crystal becoming sticky in your hand, meaning that as you rub it with your fingers it takes on an increase in friction or stickiness. When you feel this stickiness, draw your breath in and hold the crystal in the hand with the larger tip facing up with the index finger positioned on one of the faces of the operating tip and the other fingers wrapped around the crystal. Pulse your breath out through the nostrils. If one is sensitive, one will feel a pulsation between the thumb and the middle finger like the beat of a heart. This does not happen to everyone, but anyone can feel the following:

"After you have charged the crystal, you take the index finger and place it on the crystal, draw your breath in, and release your breath. You will find that your finger now sticks to the crystal. Draw your breath in as you look at it, and the finger becomes free and starts to move freely. Let your breath out as you look at the crystal, and it sticks. By focusing ones mind, one draws a charge with breath and releases the charge with the outgoing breath. When one detaches from one's intention and focus, that does not happen. The crystal operates of its own, oscillates, and one can then work with the charge through ones finger.

Repeat this carefully: When one focuses ones attention onto the crystal, one can then draw with intention with the indwelling breath, the charge out from the crystal and with the outgoing breath you apply the charge. It is in breathing with intention that you build the charge and create the patterns that are necessary to release, balance and heal the body of an individual.

The index finger, positioned on one of the slanted sides of the smaller tip, can be looked at as a shutter control. Movement of this finger back and forth will cause the field to broaden or narrow; as one moves the finger down towards the tip, the field gets lower. Bring it back away from the tip, and the field gets broader. One can use the finger also as a sensor. As one locks into the body of a person, and one waits and in holding, one will feel a vibration here and move the finger, and when it locks one will know that a charge is flowing freely through the body into the hand and closing a circuit again. So it has a dual function: One, controlling the volume of charge; second, a sensor for the charge that is flowing or not flowing. The thumb and the middle finger act as governors of the energy that one wishes to release or draw from the person.

"As you draw your breath in, squeeze the crystal, and release the breath with a jerking of the hand. When the fingers convulse, an additional charge is created within the crystal. When you squeeze the crystal, the pressure is converted into a PMF of electrical charge. While clearing the crystal your thoughts should be of clearing the crystal. It is your intention that produces the result.

To Review: Charge by rolling until you feel a slight stickiness, then draw you breath in, create an image of the crystal in your mind, and pulse the breath with the eyes closed."

Vogel has worked extensively with crystals as healing devices. He believes that they are particularly useful in releasing harmful fields of energy that surround the body which in turn facilitate healing a wide assortment of illnesses. Vogel's concept of "Transformational Medicine" began taking shape in 1980 when Dr. Tang, a San Francisco physician, asked him to give a talk to some medical doctors. Says Vogel, "There were about 20 doctors. They brought in every type of patient you can imagine, suffering from everything from cancer to Parkinson's disease. A person who was left blind left the room seeing. A man with very high blood pressure had his blood pressure drop to normal within minutes." Many of the doctors were so impressed that they continue to work with Vogel six years later.

"The primary point of entry in working with these crystals," says Vogel, "is the thymus gland which controls the immunological activity of the body. To identify the thymus gland you go from across the shoulders and down about the width of a hand from the chest. It's just below the top of the shoulder blades. To activate the thymus gland, you thump. You do this a number of times until you hear a hollow sound. Approach the thymus gland with a charged crystal moving in a counterclockwise rotation. Stop about one-and-a-half to two inches away and rotate slowly in a clockwise direction until you feel a resistance."

Of his healing technique Vogel says, "I want to find the correct spacing between the physical body and the subtle, or etheric body. I want to be in the etheric body, not into the etheric double, which is about a half inch off but into the pure energy body. Now I scan in an up and down, and transverse direction until I find that point of resistance which defines the subtle body, and especially the energy emanating from the thymus gland. I hold the crystal steady and rotate my free hand until I can come to the maximum point of resistance. When I do that, I feel a pulsing vibration in the left hand. When a charge flow takes place, the crystal pulsates in exact rhythm to what I experience in my left hand." This may take a few seconds or it may take minutes, but Vogel says patience is required in holding the crystal steady, and waiting for the person being worked on, to acknowledge that they feel an energy flow going into their body. "There is no control of my breath or theirs. It is purely a matter of establishing an energetic link between myself, and the body of the person and my other hand. Once that energy starts to flow then I start breathing.

I tell the person to breathe in, and I start an up and down motion and breathe out. Each breath is in exact synchronization to the other person's breath. As I am breathing in and out with the patient, I am thinking thoughts of well-being, love and peace. When I'm ready for the next phase, I usually say, 'Peace be to you. May your mind, heart and spirit become one.' Then, as the patient's body begins to sway and link, and lock to these vibrations, I go into the next phase - the linking phase.

"In the linking phase, I start to rotate in a right-handed spiral, synchronizing both hands. This acts like an energetic cockscrew. I tell the patient to breathe in and I go with him in his mind and heart to the area in their body that needs to be treated. I visualize the root, the cause, the source, of the discomfort they're feeling in that area. I go to the source of the trouble and focus on it. I increase the tempo of my voice and intention, and release. I close my left hand, and slap away from my body and downward with my right hand. It is in the simultaneous act of voice, intention, pulling with my left hand, and snapping with my right that I break the pattern that is locked into the bone, the tissue and the psyche of an individual. The pattern of the past is shattered. Normally I do it three times. That usually clears the entire area. Then I start the closing and healing process."

"I breathe in and see clear light and think well of myself. I breathe in again, and become at one with my body, mind, and spirit. I keep this up until I feel the patient's body totally relax. If there is a major disturbance in other parts of the body, I start the following process: I breathe in and out linking all of the charkas into a large, ovoid egg. I do this two or three times and then I come back to the thymus. I slow down, place the crystal over the thymus and bring my other hand in contact. It is the first time I actually contact the body. Now, with my hands on the patient's back, I palpitate the tissue. Normally, when this treatment has worked, the tissue is very soft and lacks vitality. As I breathe slowly in and out, thinking well of a person, I touch the tissue and as soon as the tonality of the tissue comes back, I draw my breath in, hold, and release; and the job is done."

"Most important, I think, for the tonality of the treatment is a final expression of love. I give the person a big hug, and say, "You're a wonderful person. I give you my love."

To treat yourself with a crystal, Vogel advises holding one tip with the left hand, and the other tip with the right hand, aligning one face up so that you can look directly into it. Take a deep breath, pulse your breath through the nostrils, and rotate successively to each pair of faces. According to Vogel, "This gives a movement of charge, building a balance of the force within the body. It is the start of body balancing." While holding the crystal, take a deep breath, close your eyes, see the pyramidal tip of the crystal and slowly let your breath out. While holding the image of the crystal in your mind, draw in your breath, imaging that breathe as coming through the crystal. Now, mentally move from the crystal to the area of your body that you wish to treat, and visualize it. When you make contact with an area needing attention you will find that your hand will begin to oscillate. At this point you may intuit the proper course of action with which to proceed.

For example, it may become obvious to you that an arthritic-like pain is the result of repressed emotion or anger. When the trouble spot is located, breathe in and imagine drawing clear white light through the crystal into that area. Breathe in again; release your breath slowly and lovingly, and you will feel your body begin to vibrate and balance."

After 14 years of study, Vogel admits that he is just starting to scratch the surface, but that surface is rich with possibilities. According to Marcel Vogel, the long debate over the existence of psychic energy is coming to an end, and yet another scientific heresy is readying itself for induction into the hallowed halls of academia. When such proof is finally forthcoming, metaphysicians and psychics will once again find themselves thrust into the public limelight, only this time not as apologists for an ancient tradition, but as advocates of a new science.

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